Unfolding Cards


Make The Universe Your Personal Genie With Just 3 Words, "Thank You Universe"

Act As If Your Desires Have Already Manifested By Thanking the Universe and Watch Miracles Unfold In Front of You

– Watch The Video In Its Entirety –

30 printable cards for a complete transformation of the mind, environment and life.

Each card is the size of a credit card. Carry it with you, let it emanate blissful vibes whatever you go.

  • Manifest Bliss
  • Experience the magic of life on a daily basis
  • Stop suffocating from negative thoughts
  • Transform your mind from your tormentor to your helper
  • Attract your soulmate
  • Live the love life of your dreams
  • Complete inner transformation
  • Be able to set new goals and easily reach them
  • Life of euphoria where money and worry no longer exist
  • Cleanse your aura
  • Elevate yourself to the highest plane of existence
  • Use spiritual energy for well-being, abundance and joy
  • Become a magnet for loving and caring people
  • and so much more!

Life of Bliss is Finally At Hand!

Benefits of Unfolding Cards

  • Euphoric Relationships
  • Limitless Blessings
  • Carefree Lifestyle
  • Financial Abundance
  • Thrilling Life


  • Inner Strength
  • Strong Imagination
  • Determination
  • Discipline
  • Winning Attitude


  • No More Dismay
  • No More Fear
  • No More Stress
  • No More Anger
  • No More Worry