Aura Cards:
The Jim Carrey Method .. on Steroids!

The Easiest, Laziest Way to Manifest

Get your ex back, manifest, or rekindle any relationship. No more money worries. More Peace of mind. Success and confidence. Tight-knit friendships.

30 unique manifestation superweapons are now available.

Traditional Affirmations vs Aura Cards

Lack of Inner Transformation

Traditional affirmations cannot get rid of negative beliefs, self-talk, and unhealed pain.

That is why you have to keep reading and forcing yourself to act positive.

Sweeter Than Chocolate

No need to keep forcing yourself to be happy and positive. Get reinforcements to cheer you on all the time.

Wherever you are, these cards are broadcasting positive vibes to you and manifestation requests to the Universe.

Aura Cards: Magic Embedded in Cards

The Easiest, Most Powerful Healing
and Manifestation Devices Ever Created!

These magical cards are embedded with features that make it so easy

to rewire negative thinking, supercharge your vibration, to manifest your dream life.

Put any card in your wallet or bag, or leave them anywhere in your house, and let it emanate manifestation requests to the Universe .. and watch the miracles happen!

The Jim Carrey Method:

In his youth Jim was broke and poor, but wrote himself a $10m check and put it in his wallet.

He kept it there for years, until 5 years later, he landed a job for Dumb & Dumber .. for .. 10 million dollars!

The Jim Carrey Method on Steroids

The 3-word blessings password, “Thank You Universe” and sweet, warmhearted storytelling and affirmations, will constantly pull you out and put you in your Happy Place and emanate manifestation requests to the Universe all day long.

Put 'Em in Your Wallet and Let Them Emanate Happy Vibes 24/7

Wherever you are, you have these mini friends that will constantly remind you that your life is much better than you think and it will always get better.

A Bag is a Fine Option As Well

Wherever you put them, they’ll be smiling and make you smile.

Positive Vibes in Your Home as Well

Put them in every room and always be transported to your Happy Place.

Whatever You Dream About ..
You Can Now Effortlessly Have

Do You Want to Meet Your Soulmate?
Are You Trying To Get Your Ex Back?
Trying to Rekindle a Relationship?

10 love cards are based on the LNH perfect partner model:

Loving. Naughty. Humorous.

We all have that soothing, warm, ideal relationship in our mind. We dream of it. We seek it. We want it. We look for it in every potential serious relationship we get into.

This is the most effortless way to get what you want.

Silence the Negative Thoughts in Your Mind
and Live a Life of Peace

You’re born to be happy and at peace.

You’re born to create and mold life however you please.

Do You Dream of a Life of
Limitless Prosperity, Success and Joy?

Freedom from money worries. Freedom from stress. 

Waking up in the morning and never having to worry about tomorrow. Instead, looking forward to living life to the fullest by ticking off every item on your to-do list.

Build Unbreakable Confidence and Determination

Never falter when trying to achieve your goals.

Develop unshakeable, indestructible confidence and will to reach your objectives like a tiger setting his sight on a prey.

Attract Tight-Knit Friendships Built on Empathy, Understanding, and a Strong Bond

A support system is a necessary part of anyone’s life.

A great group of friends adds so much to our lives that they become an indispensable and important element.

Plus Free Crazy Bonuses!

Soulmate Manifestation Card

New, unique way to manifest a crush, soulmate, or get an ex back.

  1. Write the address you you got the card and wished for them to manifest.
  2. Carry it with you and let it emanate manifestation requests to the Universe.
  3. When you manifest your dream relationship, show the card to your partner as a proof of your dedication.
  4. Put your a photo of you together and write a promise to each other on the card.

Manifestation Check

This is a unique manifestation check because it includes the 3 most powerful manifestation words, “Thank You Universe”.

Write any number you wish to have and put it in your pocket or keep it in your drawer and remember that it’s there to keep your focus on it.

Energy flows where intent goes.

Copies in GBP and EUR are included.

Manifesting Dream Vacations

1. Thank the Universe for manifesting your favorite vacation places. 

2. Be descriptive in what you want.

12 templates divided into a vacation for someone single

or someone in (or wanting to manifest) a relationship.

The Fairytale Relationship

These are series of romantic, intimate conversations that help you boost your manifestation energy.

No Need To Wait For Shipping!

Aura Cards are available in digital format.

Download. Print. Manifest.

A short manual will be given to you to help you print all the materials even if you do not own a printer at home. The process is extremely easy and cheap.

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We’re taking the risk away to a 100%. Not only we’re offering the most unique and efficient manifestation and transformation product on the market right now. 

But we’re offering you to try it for 60 days. 2 whole months! If you’re not satisfied, you’ll be refunded immediately, no questions asked.

That's a 6" Round Cake

It should cost (in today’s crazy prices!) between 40 and $70.

But it’s only eaten once. Enjoyed once. And then that joy is gone.

You have to chase it again.

And These are Aura Cards

You buy them once, but you enjoy them for life.

That sweet taste will never go away. You won’t have to chase it again. 

On the contrary, the delicious taste chases you!

And not for $40 or 60, or $70!

But a measly $17!

The Modern Genie's Lamp Can Now Be Yours

This is a new, easy, unique, efficient, and proven-and-tested method

to create inner and outer change.

Act quickly and download a copy of a product

that will change the entire way we manifest forever.

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