Affirmations 2.0: Magnetic

How 3 Simple Words Let You Hack The Law of Attraction and Create an Aura of Manifestation Around You

The laziest, most quickest way to manifest peace of mind, abundance, and your soul mate!

"Thank You Universe"
One of The 3 Most Powerful Words You Can Say

What makes Thankful Affirmations so unique and powerful?

Because they’re so much more than just affirmation cards, they’re emanation items. 

1. You’re not reciting affirmations just for yourself, you’re thanking the Universe as if what you want already happened! This method lets you hack the Law of Attraction by tricking your mind and forcing it to quickly attract what you desire. This is the single, most efficient and devious manifestation trick ever created!

2. Each card is the size of a credit card. They’re designed to be put in wallets or purses so wherever you go, they emanate manifestation requests to the Universe non-stop!

In 1990, Jim Carrey Wrote Himself a $10 Million Check and Put It In His Wallet. 1995, He Manifested It.

It took him 5 years because he was only using one manifestation tool (the check), combining it with a super basic visualization technique.

That is why it took 5 years for it to have that money in his bank account.

But who wants to wait 5 years to get his wishes answered??!!

There’s an easier, quicker, more exciting way to get what you want.

Introducing The Cycle of Bliss

Combine 30 Thankful Affirmations with a Manifestation Check and a Love Note and create a manifestation aura around you

A manifestation aura takes effortless manifestation to an entirely different level. It not only becomes so lazy easy to manifest but lightning quick!

To do that you only, 5 emanation items.

Emanation Item #1: Manifestation Check

Write any number you wish to have and put it in your pocket or keep it in your drawer and remember that it’s there to keep your focus on it.

Energy flows where intent goes.

Copies in GBP and EUR included.

Emanation Item #2: Love Note

If you’re trying to manifest your soul mate, this card is must-have.

Not only will it help you manifest your significant other, but when you finally meet them, you have to give them this card as proof and symbol of your unique, unusual, unconditional love.

You have to visualize your dream partner using the 360 Awareness method and write down the exact date you started actively wishing they would manifest.

Like the rest of the cards, they’re the size of credit cards. They fit easily in your wallet. You carry it with you and let it emanate wherever you are.

Emanation Item #3: Life Cards

30 cards about abundance, prosperity, creativity, charisma, inner growth, etc.

Put any card in your pocket wherever you go and force the Universe to answer your every call.

Emanation Item #4: Love Cards

30 cards all about relationships, but not just any relationships. 

They’re about having magical relationships with not just your loved ones but with friends and anyone close to you.

If you want to experience love and compassion non-stop from those around you ..

or manifest new people that will create a soothing, calming, but yet exciting environment for everyone, these cards are a must.

Emanation Item #5: Mind Cards

Nothing works without a healthy mind. Peace of mind is an essential pillar to any peaceful life of joy.

Even if you get lucky and stumble upon some money, without peace of mind, you’ll find yourself broke again.

Same thing happens with relationships, they break down because of lack of communication, which leads to the destruction of intimacy.

If you want to lose weight, can you do it without a healthy, strong mind?

30 Mind Cards, more than enough to skyrocket and supercharge your transformation.

Create A Manifestation Aura
and Hack The Law of Attraction

Add Thankful Affirmations to your arsenal, intensify your vibration and manifest as quickly as possible.

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