Vision Boards may change the future
but Pronto Boards Will change the NOW!

The Most Powerful Healing and Manifesting Device Ever Created

1. Set up the T of Transcendence

2. Release negativity by putting it on the left side

3. Put all of your dreams on the right side

4. Manifest

Sign up for free, and you’ll immediately be emailed 2 pronto boards templates. 

Print. Set up. Manifest.

The 2 Deadly Flaws of Vision Boards

They keep you expecting

They do not release negativity

The Magic of Pronto Boards

1. Hack The Law of Attraction

"Thank you Universe" Are The Key to Unlocking The Universe's Infinite Blessings.

Pronto boards are all about being in the “it already happened” gratitude mode. 

Not only this quickly and easily rewires the subconscious mind but it makes manifesting effortless and rapid!

2. Unlock Your Supernatural Inner Gifts

Your Unfolding Journey is The Only Path to Liberation

You’ve never known true happiness and peace until you properly unlock these traits that are present within you.

Your journey is written in the past tense because it already happened. 

The transformation is done and a new reality has unfolded.

It starts in the Drowning Cell, the place where we’re drowning in negativity, suffocating in it.

Ends in the blissful, peaceful Happy Place.

3. Left Side: The Drowning Cell

Free Yourself From All The Baggage of Negative Self-Talk, Memories, and Beliefs!

Throw everything that’s bothering you in the Drowning Cell (the left side of the board). It is the ugly place where we feel stuck, drowning in negativity, unable to escape its tyranny.

Clean up the mind from the muck of negativity to live a life of peace, safety, happiness and abundance. 

What’s bothering you? a bad memory you regret? a bad breakup? thoughts affecting your self-esteem? thoughts of past trauma or shame? etc.

Let go of them! Throw these heavy weights off your shoulders! Put them on the board and release them from you!

4. Right Side: The Happy Place

Smile! All of Your Goals and Dreams Have Already Happened

What do you desire? that dream vacation? the breathtaking car you dream of driving? that soothing, mind-blowing relationship we all deserve to have? tight friendships? etc.

Put them on the right side of the board!

You’re not wishing for your goals to happen, they already have! You’re in your Happy Place where miracles are constantly happening. Enjoy it.

Get a second design and pick your favorite

Pick any of the 2 designs, set up the “T” and Transcend.

High-quality PNGs are also given to you if you want to crop or resize the files.

Plus free eBook for your journey

You’ll also get a short, brief, eBook that can be read in a few minutes but will provide you with a ton of knowledge on how to let go of negative beliefs, self-talk, memories..

and how to instill positive beliefs and effortlessly and constantly manifest the your goals and dreams.

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