The Manifesto of Happiness

The Chase is Over

What you seek is not out there. It is not a physical location. It is not with a specific person. It is not a title or a physical possession. These come later. 

What you seek is within you. The road to total liberation and permanent joy has to start from within. That is the only way to overcome the transient and manifest the permanent.

The Isolation has been broken

Happiness doesn’t lie in an isolated bubble consisting of everything that makes you feel safe and joyful that you keep shielded from anyone and anything that might threaten its existence.

Nay, it is unity with all that there is. It is when the self merges with creation that fears, doubts, and worries are dissipated. 

freedom and happiness are your birthright

You were born on this planet to thrive and be happy and confident and experience everything beautiful in life. Pain and its offspring like fear, misery, anxiety, depression, loneliness, and others must not be normalized as a regular residents in your life.

the answer is much easier than you think

The answer doesn’t lie at the top of mountains. Or in mysterious, arcane rituals that few elites know about. It is simply in letting go. When you let go of the pushback that’s stopping you from fulfilling your true purpose on this planet. To unite back with the Universe and experience permanent joy and abundance. 

the world as a friend

Is it healthy to look at the world in an antagonistic manner? Wouldn’t that generate the same hostility in your life that you’re projecting onto the world? And if everyone started behaving like that, wouldn’t we witness the same terrible results the planet is experiencing on a daily basis?


Your Happy Place is within you; ignite it! Stop looking outward. Focus inward, and joy will unfold. Ignite your Happy Place and like darkness disappears when the sun casts its warm light onto it, your Happy Place will heal your wounds and suture your pain. Flooded with beautiful thoughts, you rise above fear and pessimism to become a new, better version of yourself.

negativity chokes you no longer

No longer does fear grip you and keep you locked in a state of panic. No longer you are shackled by the chains of self-doubt and pessimism. A new era has started. A new dawn has set. A new you has emerged. 

joy worldwide

The transformation has happened. Sunny days are ahead. If everyone took care of themselves, was kind to themselves, and became a healed, joyful, abundant being, what kind of planet would we have? A beautiful, joyful, prosperous one. A home where we all live in happiness and joy. Your Happy Place has created a Happy Place for all.