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Financial Freedom

Free from money problems. Free from worry. Free from stress.

Dream Relationships

Oh the warmth of it, indescribable! 

Dream Body

Feeling super confident in one’s own skin.

Opportunities and Connections

They don’t chase chances; chances run to them. 

Have You Ever Thought Why The Ultra Rich Have It So Easy?

It It Talent? Hard Work?

Or Maybe They're Hiding Something From You?

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that they’re doing something different. 

They’re share with each other secrets that the other 99% do not have.

It’s actually one secret tool that contains all the secrets of manifestation.

And this secret weapon is making them attract abundance and bliss to their lives in such an extravagant way.

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We're Just Regular People Who Got Fed Up
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The reason the 1% keeps the 99% suppressed. To keep the leverage on their side. To keep you from creating your own reality. 

But that’s in the past! The leverage is on your side from now on. The power is in your hands. You are the author as of today.

Life is meant to be easy and fun and exciting, and full of joy. Stress, sadness, and disappointments are not the norm. 

Great News: We Have Access To Their Secret Weapon!
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We are in possession of the secret device they’re been using and hiding from the rest of the population!

We are in possession of the most powerful manifesting methods ever devised.

They are 100% radically different than anything you’ve ever been taught before!

Let’s expose the destructive lies you’ve been told that are ruining your chances of manifesting your dream life.

You Deserve a Permanent Life of Peace, Joy,
Safety, and Abundance .. And You Shall Have It!

Manifesting is a fun, exhilarating activity. You are born to create and shape your world however you want it shaped. It is your birth right.

It’s nauseating that a few people get to hide something that would benefit the world so much while the rest of the population suffers in agony.

No more!!

What is it you desire? Money? Love? Safety? Excitement? Health? Confidence? etc.

You deserve to have them all ..  and you will because it is your natural state of be happy.

But One Thing is Killing Your Manifestations

Just one. You fix this one mistake and manifesting becomes easy and effortless.

Everyone who is teaching the Law of Attraction either doesn’t know about it or is keeping mum.

Stop trying to force yourself to manifest, manifesting, just like life should be, fun and painless.

Before Thinking Positive .. You Have Remove the Negative .. Else You'll Always be Trapped in the Drowning Room

Negativity in your mind is keeping you from living the life that you deserve .. a life of joy, peace, and abundance.

Negativity is blocking your life-transforming manifestations from happening .. and will always do so as long as it still exists in your mind.

Negativity is keeping you in a state of drowning .. a state of fear .. state of pain .. agony .. disappointment .. unstability.

Positivity cannot co-exist with negativity.

As long as negativity is present in the mind, it will always pushback your desires from being attracted to you. This is also called, resistance. 

Liberation! The Power is Within You!

The Big Secret: You Have 10 Inner Magnets Within You

Most of these are currently folded. In other words, they’re turned off.

You can manipulate and control your reality using these 10 Inner Magnets.

These 10 magnets when unfolded or activated, will draw to you any desire you wish to have at a record-breaking speed.

This is how the 1% manifest an easy, painless, abundant life.

The rest of the population is trying to manifest while their inner powers are shut off, making it hard to attract their desires to them.

We are not here on this planet to suffer. On the contrary! We are here to love, be loved, and spread love, happiness, and joy!

Problems in Your Life Are Symptoms
of Folded, Deactivated Magnets

What are the things bothering you right now? Financial problems? Relationship problems? Problems at work? Suffering from depression? From burnout? 

These are all symptoms .. not the root cause.

Symptoms that start disappearing the moment you start unfolding your Inner Magnets.

When you start switching on these supernatural powers, life becomes sooo easy.

10 Magnets if Activated Can Easily and Consistently Attract Miracles at Record-Breaking Speeds!

Stop trying to force yourself to attract your desires .. let your desires rush to you!

All you need to do is unfold or activate these 10 Inner Magnets and nothing will be beyond your reach.

This is not impossible, this is how life should be! This is your natural state of being!

Napoleon Hill said, "Think and Grow Rich."

There's a quicker, easier way .. unfold and grow rich!

When You Unfold, Your Supernatural Self Emerges

When Your Inner Magnets are activated, your true concealed Self surfaces.

You are Infinite Consciousness having a physical experience. Therefore, your true Self knows no bounds, no limitations. 

That voice that you hear sometimes in head .. what we call intuition .. it becomes louder.

You become more creative. More energetic. Easier for you solve problems .. and sometimes problems solve themselves!

Peace of Mind is a Priceless Power

Depression, anxiety, food addictions are all symptoms of a lack of peace of mind.

When you gain control over your mind, you automatically eradicate fear and instability.

Peace and bliss within will automatically create and maintain peace and bliss without.

No one and nothing can hold you back .. you’re not in the Drowning Room anymore, you’re free. You’re liberated. You’re running wild in the Flower Field.

It Gets Even Better! We have Access to Their Secret Super Powerful Manifestation Techniques

Boost the attraction power of your magnets through specific manifestation techniques the top 1% are using.

Manifesting is 2 parts: 

1. Focusing your energy on your desire

2. Letting go

Stop trying to manifest by hoping for the best. Fooling yourself that your desires have already manifested for few seconds doesn’t bring consistent, life-transforming results.

That’s not how the 1% manifest their dreams. 

They have special, secret techniques with specific but simple instructions on how to focus your energies into bringing your dreams to them, then letting go of these thoughts to allow the Universe to take care of the rest.

How Easy and Fun Life Becomes When You Learn How To Manipulate The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction was created to serve you. To Help you create abundance.

Therefore, manifesting is an effortless, enjoyable activity.

But it’s made painful and tiring because of misinformation and disinformation.

With the right system, there’s absolutely nothing pushing back your wishes. 

Your thoughts are so vibrationally powerful, the Universe will alter the world to manifest your wishes.

How Extremely "Lucky" You'll Be
When You Completely Remove Negativity

The shackles of negativity will be destroyed. The walls of limitations will be broken.

No more fear, sadness, worry, disappointments, and money blocks!

Freed from the heavy weights of the past, the present will be super exciting and the future very bright.

You become protected. The Universe will be your guardian. 

Life will how it’s supposed to be, fun, easy, and full of beautiful surprises. 

Whatever you desire, it finds you. Because resistance has been totally eliminated.

You’re in a state of alignment which means that you are fully connected with the Universe.  

This is your natural state .. a state of joy.

There’s nothing pushing back your desires anymore. 

You’re totally embraced by the infinite love of the Universe.

It's Not Your Fault Things Aren't Working Out!
The Deck Was Stacked Against You From Day One!

The world is obsessed with negativity. The second we’re born into this world, the negative, destructive programming starts. At such an early age, you have no chance to fend off the constant attacks of negativity on our minds.

The world is so negativity-centric, people are encouraged to dislike, even hate, one another instead of trying to find common ground between them.

People have been conditioned to operate out of fear, instead of love. Fear destroys, love nurtures. 

The Only Thing That Was Keeping You From Living
The Life of Your Dreams is Now at Your Disposal

Let’s take a look at Affirmations 2.0 and U.M.L. the system they work under.

U.M.L. is:

1. Unfold: You remove negativity and unfold your Inner Magnets.

2. Manifest: You Activate your supernatural powers to make thoughts a reality.

3. Let Go: Leave it to the Universe to make it happen.

It all starts with a preparatory step to put you in the right state of mind to remove negativity and raise your vibration to the highest level.

You need to clear all the muck to set the stage for the complete transformation of the self. 

Quick Preparation

This step aims to creates a “clean slate” state of mind in order to remove negativity, activate your powerful abilities, and harness the total power of the Universe to manifest whatever you desire.

Let’s start ..



Wash away the bad. Make room for the good.

You’ll now be introduced to Affirmations 2.0 .. they’re two types: 

Folded Affirmations and Raising Affirmations, the world’s most powerful transformation tag team.

Folded Affirmations Create Transformation Through Internal Renewal of The Mind

Folded Affirmations unfold your Inner Magnets by rewiring all negative beliefs and self-talk with positive ones through overwriting.

As you unfold, your real Self will start to come out. You become stronger, more confident, happier, energetic, more creative, because the negative forces in your mind are disappearing. 

Raising Affirmations Create Transformation Through Direct Communication With The Universe

Raising Affirmations raise your vibration to the highest level by communicating directly with the Universe.

Read "It's impossible"

Focus on it. It really looks impossible to get out.

It’s also written on the wall (analogy for negative self-talk).

But now that you know your infinite nature, you know that there’s nothing that you cannot have and achieve. 

So, is really anything impossible for you?

No, so deny it the validity of “It’s impossible” and prepare yourself to overcome it and rid yourself from it.

You did it? Great. Smile, and slowly unfold the card in your mind and feel the negativity being washed away from you.

Feel the new stronger, more confident you emerging. 

This is more than unfolding a card; you’re unfolding your true self. You’re unlocking your potential. You’re awakening the supernatural being within you. 

You’re letting go of the past self. You’re letting go of past trauma, guilt, grievances. 

That page has been turned. A new chapter is being written.

Horizontally Read The Complete Affirmation

Feel the change inside of you. It’s not happening, it already happened. Feel the joy growing inside of you. You’re growing, be proud.

That’s Inner Magnet #1:

Intent (The Drowning Room).

Of course, its powerful effects are more felt in person than through the screen that’s why this card alone will change people’s lives forever.

Every time you unfold a card, you’re breaking the walls of oppression of negativity.

Now every time you think you’re stuck and there’s no way out, remember the affirmation and remember the door on the right of the room.

There’s ALWAYS a solution for everything, even if it hasn’t been made available to you.

But we’re not done yet!

Now It's Time To Raise Your Vibration To The Highest Level

You’ve now unfolded an Inner Magnet. Now it’s time to communicate directly with the Universe and signal that you’re ready to receive its blessings.

Read and feel every sentence. Feel that you’re growing. 

Feel that the blessings are unfolding at this very moment. They’re coming to fruition. 

They’re there, aren’t they?

Why wouldn’t they be? Aren’t you Infinite Consciousness having a physical experience?

Aren’t you part of the whole and the whole is part of you? As demonstrated by scientists and Masters alike?

Aren’t you capable of achieving anything that you want, need, and wish simply by the supernatural nature of your being? 

Of course you are. 



360 Awareness Visualization Method

This method is out of this world!

It’s been tested numerous times, and every time the results frighten us. 

It’s THAT fast and consistent but yet so easy and quick to apply.

Manifesting should be effortless and quick. If we truly are Infinite Consciousness, we shouldn’t need to work hard to get what we want!

That is why this secret, quick, straightforward, powerful,

reality-bending method of visualization is a game-changer.

360 Awareness uses the full power of your mind to harness the energy of the Universe to bring your wishes to reality. 



Timeline Hacking

Let go and let the Universe handle it from there. Why handle that responsibility?

Less worry, more joy. That’s a nice motto for life.

Timeline Hacking is the most powerful method to throw those thoughts into the lap of the Universe and say: “Hey Universe! Take care of it for me, will ya? Thanks.” 

Timeline Hacking only takes a few seconds, but its effects are so strong.

The Universe knows how to bring your desires to you in the best way possible. Why do the leg work yourself? Forget about it, go have fun. Drink coffee, tea. Call a friend. Go out. Eat pizza. 

Do whatever you want. But let go of that responsibility and keep smiling, because your desires are coming straight to you in no time!

10 Inner Magnets to Easily and Quickly
Attract Your Dream Life

If you just unfold 4 magnets out of 10, your life never be the same again.

But if you activate 10 Inner Magnets, you’ll become an unstoppable force.

Each Inner Magnet card has its own theme, story and Raising Affirmation.

Do you have wishes that you consider as unrealistic or pipe dreams? 

You need to reevaluate them because today is marks a new beginning

Manifesting is not a wishing game anymore; it’s a fun, exciting one.

Inner Magnet #1: Intent (The Drowning Room)

You do not belong in the Drowning Room. You deserve everything great and beautiful in this world. 

Have you ever wanted to do something but your mind stopped you short? No more! Nothing’s impossible for you. 

All the roads will be paved for you. There’s always a solution to every problem. 

As you rewire, not only will you get your questions answered faster, but your creativity and intuition will improve. What was impossible back then is effortless and fun now.

Inner Magnet #2: Self-Love (The Candle of Safety)

You deserve happiness. You deserve wealth. You deserve great friendships. You deserve to be loved and cherished. You deserve compassion. You deserve excitement. You deserve companionship. You deserve great health. You deserve everything you want and need. 

You are worthy and valuable.

You are worthy and valuable.

You are worthy and valuable.

Never forget that.  That’s the self-love you will experience.

Inner Magnet #3: Gratitude (The Fertile Soil)

People will say to you, “How come you’re always smiling lately? Haven’t you watched the news? Are you out of your mind?” and your reply will be, “No, I’m at peace with my mind.”

Inner Magnet #4: Optimism (Growth)

You’re improving. You’re growing. You’re getting more and more optimistic because you’re seeing results materialize right in front of you. And we’re just getting started.

Inner Magnet #5: Patience (Payoff)

There’s a big breakthrough happening. You’re being rewarded. Fantastic opportunities are happening out of nowhere. Negativity is being eradicated. Optimism is becoming the norm. But there’s still lots of room for growth, and that’s magnificent news.

Inner Magnet #6: Courage (The Bridge)

You haven’t mastered fear. You have vanished it. Fear of loss, fear of death, fear of poverty, fear of aging, fear of criticism, fear of failure, etc. No more fear paralyzes you. Regardless of the circumstances around you. Regardless of how hard it might become, you will successfully and courageously cross that bridge.

Inner Magnet #7: Abundance (The Desert)

Abundance is your right. But abundance is more than not having money worries anymore. It is experiencing the euphoria of having the freedom to do whatever you want. The amazing feeling of living a life without limitations. Activating this Inner Magnet means a surge of creativity and intuitive powers. In other words, a life without “I cannot.” Life without worry. You deserve that. And you’re experiencing it.

Inner Magnet #8: Resilience (The Storm)

Setbacks happen. We may lose a friend or a relative. But whatever happens, we’re not going back to the Drowning Room. Never. A new You means a new self-image with new character traits. Your optimism-filled mind will, sooner rather than later, synchronize the outer world with it. Storms do not last forever, and the sun will certainly shine again. Every single time.

Inner Magnet #9: Compassion (The Barren Land)

No more “What’s in it for me?” limited thinking after you experience true abundance. If you’re swimming in the ocean, you wouldn’t worry about others taking away water from you.

Inner Magnet #10: Letting Go (The Flower Field)

This is the final stage of your development. You’ve grown and changed so much, you’re more than proud. More than ecstatic. More than confident. 

It’s something indescribable because it is something you experience more than something that you can be told about.

Your inner strength, creativity, total peace of mind, and the breathtaking reality you’re creating will not only impress you but astonish everyone around you.

You’re radiating joy and optimism. You’re a role model. Whatever you touch turns to gold because your heart is pure. 

Liberated from negativity, you’re completely aligned with the Universe. Whatever you ask gets answered. 

Total synchronization creates an aura of protection that follows you wherever you go.

The sun is always shining above you.

U.M.L. Dissected: What Makes It The Most Powerful Transformational System Ever Devised?

U.M.L. cleanses your mind with Folded Affirmations and sets up a direct communication channel with the Universe using Raising Affirmations to prepare you to manifest whatever you desire.


Folded Affirmations:

Folded Affirmations work on your inner transformation. Without an inner change, the outer world will not be altered. 

Folded Affirmations use two lethal weapons to achieve total cleansing of negativity: Verbal and Visual Rewiring.

Verbal Rewiring

“It’s impossible” is a state of mind .. a state of mind that can be changed, easily.

With an aura of joy and love, we engulf that negative idea with a positive one. 

You’re overwriting the old beliefs with new ones. 

When negative self-talk surfaces, you can easily counter it with the complete affirmation. 

As you rewire, that negative voice becomes quieter and quieter till it is finally silenced.  

Visual Rewiring

Fear is the mind’s inability to deal with the external world. Anxiety is that state of mind taken to its extremes.

The mind sees the world as a scary behemoth. A dreadful maze. But that’s just the reflection.

When you feel fear, your mind will quickly be reminded of crossing the bridge in theme 6. Or of theme 4, if you feel stuck or let down.

If you feel hesitant about taking a leap of faith, you’ll automatically remember the Candle of Safety and its negative consequences, the beauty of faith and the extraordinary results it produces.

Visual rewiring gives the subconscious mind healthy nourishment to effortlessly deal with the world around it. 

As you rewire, the mind gets healthier and stronger and starts creating a different reality. A more peaceful, joyful, blissful, exciting reality. 

You’re exiting the Drowning Room and getting back to your natural state, Joy Unfold.

Raising Affirmations

Universe: I'm Ready to Receive!

“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. ” – Nikola Tesla.

“Everything in life is vibration.” – Albert Einstein

Negativity brings your vibration to its lowest levels. Your reality matches the frequency of your vibration.

Poverty has a frequency. Wealth has a frequency. Happiness has a frequency. Chaos has a frequency.

Every time you rewire, your vibration is raised. The job of Raising Affirmations is to raise it to the highest possible levels!

At that level, you become supernatural. Thoughts easily and quickly manifest because there’s nothing holding them back anymore.

Your inner frequency has matched the frequency of the Universe. This is called alignment. 

When you align, your calls are sometimes answered immediately!


360 Awareness:

You have unfolded a specific Inner Magnet. You have raised your vibration and signaled to the Universe that you’re in receptive mode. 

You’ve tapped into the frequency of the Universe. The entire Universe is changing and shifting to your own tune. You’re ready to receive whatever you desire.

Now is the right time to manifest.

And at your disposal is the most powerful visualization method ever created. It’s effortless, quick, and scary effective. 


Timeline Hacking:

You’ve used the power of your mind to attract to you what you desire to have.

Now, it’s time to let the Universe take care of the rest. 

This is the last step. It doesn’t take more than a few seconds, but it’s an essential step to bring your wishes to you.

Take this step away from the system and the entire thing falls apart.

Your Dream Life Can Easily Be a Reality

Financial Abundance

Waking up in the morning with a big smile on your face because money problems are not on your mind anymore? 

Getting those vacations you’ve always dreamt of? Shopping without guilt?

The safety and security that no matter what happens, your life is stable, peaceful, and joyful.

This is now a reality because you’re in possession of a secret weapon that has been generating billions for centuries.

Dream Relationship

You can not only attract your dream partner but hold onto that person because you’ve grown so much as a human being that many people would want to be around you.

People want to be around interesting people. They want to listen to them. Learn from them. Emulate them. 

And people will be interested in being with you.

Dream Body

Many factors contribute to food cravings, including negative self-image, fear, depression. and bad habits.

Self-Love and Gratitude alone will heal your damaged self-image and depression. Courage alone will wipe out fear.  Intent, Courage, and Resilience will create better habits. 

But unlocking all of your 10 Inner Magnets will awaken the untamed dragon living inside and fill you with so much determination and focus to start a diet and maintain it. 

Getting a dream body also requires manifesting. The Universe knows what’s best for you more than anyone living. The Universe knows the best, easiest route you need to be on to get you a body that will drive you crazy every time you look at the mirror, 

Be careful of those jealous friends though 😊

Dream Career

With Affirmations 2.0, you’ll be tremendously motivated. You’ll have more waves of creative ideas. You’re more likeable and charismatic, and more people are drawn to you. 

Just look at the careers the top 1% have. They certainly pay well.

Excuse Our French, Becoming a F****** Badass

Someone who is successful, rejects the status-quo, sets goals and accomplishes them, is blessed with being constantly happy and at peace regardless of the state of the world, people will go crazy to be around and learn from a person like that.

Yes, some people will start envying you, but you do not need these individuals around.

But normally, people want to be inspired by fearless, courageous, creative, innovators. Who wouldn’t want to be friends with a person like that?

People will look at you and see your transformation and will be stunned and motivated by it. The ability to constantly create at will whatever you desire is a pipe dream for the overwhelming majority of the world’s population.

When you eat life’s problems for breakfast, you’re somebody people will fear, respect, and want to attach themselves to.

It Doesn't Stop There ..

  • Destruction of mental and manifestation blocks
  • Effortless manifestation
  • More physical energy
  • Sharp increase of creativity
  • Sharp increase in the mind’s ability to learn
  • Sharp increase of your memory
  • Sharp increase of self-confidence
  • Indestructible positive and resilient mentality
  • Stronger personality
  • Steep increase in likeability 
  • Peace of mind
  • Control over your mind instead of the other way around
  • Control over cravings
  • Control over your destiny
  • Become hard to be pushed around
  • Healing of emotional wounds
  • Sharp decrease of depression
  • Sharp decrease of anxiety
  • Sharp decrease of low self-esteem
  • Sharp decrease of victimhood mentality

Make Your Mind Will Become Your Own Personal Genie

When all the stress and worry fade away, life becomes a beautiful journey.

It’s fantastic to wake up in the morning with a big gratitude and optimism-filled smile on your face. 

When your desires are rushing to you instead of you wishing and waiting for them to manifest, that’s a dream life!

Do not throw away this precious object from your hands. 

Many Have Already Started Experiencing Miracles!

This is truly as promised, effortless manifestation!

I'm a stay-at-home mom trying to relaunch my etsy business. And out of nowhere, my sales almost doubled just nine days after starting the process; This thing is amazing!
Megan Forester
USA. Sent via email.
I wept like a baby before finishing unfolding my 7th inner magnet. I felt so relieved after 29 years of living with anxiety and depression that couldn't be solved with drugs, books, or seminars.

And my fiancé couldn't be happier! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Axelle Gauthier
France. Sent via email.
A Life changing experience! I've been learning about the Law of Attraction for over twelve years, but this is by far the most amazing thing I've ever used!

It feels surreal that a few weeks ago I genuinely did not know what to do next with my life after being laid off, but now I feel so alive, brimming with new ideas, and getting countless of new opportunities being thrown my way.

Thank you!!
David Howard
USA. Sent via email.
You guys have changed my life! I got a call today morning and long story short, I got that promotion I was always angling for.

I'm so happy and relieved. You have no idea how much me and my family need the extra cash right now.
Daniel Manalo
Philippines. Sent via IG.
I've been using affirmations 2.0 for a few days and it's blowing my mind!

I've been trying in vain to get my ex back for months. Yesterday, out of the blue, he called me!!
John Milligan
USA. Sent via IG.
I'm genuinely astonished at the speed at which things have flipped since I started using the UML system.

I run an internet marketing business. I have two courses that I sell, but sales have been poor. The fear of failure that I had was the main culprit.

I feel so liberated now and have been making smarter decisions that have reflected extremely positively on my business. Social media followers have exponentially increased and sales are up by 39% in less than two weeks.
Tom Klein
Canada. Sent via email.
I'm already down 5 pounds, I cannot believe how easy this is! I have been buying weight loss and diet products for years, but none of them properly addressed my main problem, my out of control mind.

For the first time in years, I feel so confident and optimistic that I can now get back in the dating game and put myself out there.
Priscilla Bush
USA. Sent via email.
I have been grieving for the loss of my father for months. It's a feeling that I do not wish on my worst enemies. My father was everything to me. He was my rock, my ultimate supporter.

These new affirmations gave me an outlet to truly heal and let go. I know my dad would want me to recover and get back on my feet.

I cannot thank you enough! I'm so grateful I found out about you guys, and I'm recommending this to every person I know!
Amanda Porter
USA. Sent via email.

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Each card has a story behind it. The understanding of each story is important to further accelerate the positive results of the U.M.L. system.

Inner Magnet #1 has the Draining Room as its theme. But the theme of Inner Magnet #2, is The Candle of Safety.

When you understand the meaning behind The Candle of Safety, your entire perspective on life will change.

Same thing for the rest of the cards. 

The more you unfold, the more your mind registers the unfolding as positive accomplishments and is learning lessons from them.

The manual is included as a PDF file with your purchase.

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11 minutes, that’s the approximate amount of time it takes to complete U.M.L., 11 minutes, is a really short period of time for a transformational system of this magnitude.

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The World Is In a Downward Spiral

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Do you really want to keep taking big risks by keeping your life attached to whatever happens to the economy?

The world is heading to a recession, where do you want to be heading?

Stress Is a Killer!

Stress not only sabotages our potential, talents, confidence, and, ultimately, our life itself. It causes all kinds of diseases and illnesses! 

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With minor exceptions, most people who are self-made walked on a difficult mountainous road to get to where they are.

They were always faced with hard trials to get them to where they are.

But you won’t be facing these trials. You won’t be needing to make those hard decisions during countless sleepless nights.

Success and money will flow effortlessly.

Unfold your mystical gifts and manifesting will become as easy as breathing.

You Will Let Go of Money Worries

What was a dream yesterday, is a reality today. Never before there has been a system that allows anyone to bring their wishes into reality.

Money worries behind are a thing of the past now.

Worrying about jobs or the economy.

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Because now you can finally release all of the old blocks and experience permanent joy and never-ending success.

You’ve awakened to your natural abundance.

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How amazing it feels to be a changed person. How great it is to experience transformation as it is unfolding. 

Everyone deserves to live this blissful life.

Choose Results Over Safety And Take The Leap

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right.” – Henry Ford

One thing is certain, doubt will never produce positive results. 

Do not let past disappointments convince you that a dream life is difficult to obtain. 

You’re not less unique and valuable than all the people who are using this system and reaping massive benefits from it.

People’s lives, from all ages, classes, and genders are being transformed. Why wouldn’t it happen to you? 

What Other Choices Do We Have?

Succumb to negative self-talk? Never.

Accept to live with the same patterns that lead to the same negative results? 

You’re stronger than that. Deserve MUCH more than that.

You just have to take that ONE step.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Easy To Print?

Absolutely! We have included a manual to aid you to get your system printed.

How Do I Know This Thing Works?

Because a system is much stronger than scattered individual effortless of manifesting. We have combined neuroscience, new forms of affirmations, and powerful manifesting techniques.

Is Unfolding Necessary?

Yes, because Unfolding removes negative traits and activates your Inner Magnets to unfold your true self. When that happens, manifesting becomes effortless.

How Long Till I Expect Results?

There's no one answer because each individual is different from another. But usually, results are extremely rapid, because we have tested numerous versions of our system to arrive at the most efficient one.

What Makes This System Unique?

All of it! We have developed Affirmations 2.0, revolutionary, highly efficient new forms of affirmation. You'll be given new methods of manifestation. And you'll be operating under a system, and that tremendously increases your chances of manifesting whatever you want.

Does It Take 11 Minutes To Complete The Process?

Yes, it takes approximately 11 minutes.

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JUST $57!

This is a Digital Download. No Shipping.