Ignite Your Happy Place!

Stop chasing happiness! Ignite it within you by befriending the Universe, and witness your fears and pain disappear and your dream life manifest in front of your eyes.

44 Hug Cards: Warm messages of self-acceptance, confidence, fearlessness, healing, love, abundance, letting go and others, from 44 friends from all over the Universe.

Keep your Happy Place ignited using the new, proven TTL method and revolutionary journaling methods:

  • 3 healing lines that will cure your pain and flood you with courage and optimism.
  • New techniques to turn down the volume of negative voices, turn up awesome ones and let go.
  • New journaling methods to release all negativity and fill with you confidence, happiness and peace of mind.

Revolutionary Journaling Techniques

All negativity will be released. All Positive thoughts will be intensified. Manifesting will become an easy, fun game. Never feel stuck and overwhelmed every again.

  • Scratch n Replace: New way to overwrite negative thoughts with positive ones.
  • Scratch n Color: Vent all of your frustration by scratching negative self-talk and breath life into positive thoughts by coloring them.
  • Turn Down. Turn Up. Let Go. What if there’s a way to control the volume of your thoughts just like you control the volume on your phone? Wouldn’t you silence negative self-talk and turn all the way up positive voices?
  • 369 TTL Method: A new, out of this world manifestation journaling hack.

Magical Results

“This is freaking unbelievable! I feel more alive than ever, and I’m manifesting my goals faster than ever before.”


Elizabeth S.


“Fantastic! Like magic, I no longer feel stuck and isolated. Those voices in my head telling me that I’m not good enough have been hushed! I feel totally aligned and at peace with the world.”


Catherine H.


“Wow! Totally surpassed my expectations. It really feels like making new friends from all over the universe. It’s as if I’m not alone anymore, there are others watching out for me.”


Jacob R.


Befriend The Universe and Be Filled With Motivation, Confidence and Joy

Your Happy Place is Within You!

Your Happy Place is when you feel the most confident, free, peaceful, and happy. It feels like all the burdens of life have disappeared and only a carefree life awaits you.

Safety & Stablity

How can you feel fear, anxiety, and doubt when you start to love yourself and make the world a friend of yours?


Free yourself from fear and doubt and experience a surge of creativity.

High Vibration

Freed from the chains of negativity, you ascend to the highest levels of being.

Success & Abundance

A mind that doesn't recognize limitations will be able to constantly create abundance and prosperity.

Confidence and Motivation

Your inner sun will turn fear into courage. Insecurities into confidence. Confusion into clarity.

No More Burdens & Worry

Inner happiness will cleans all pain, fear, and doubt. When life opens up to you, is there anything to worry about?

Igniting Your Happy Place:
A Beautiful Reunion Story

We’re not seeking to uplift you to face the world but want to reconcile the whole Universe with you. When you entered your physical experience, the union between you and the Universe was broken. Then the world throws on your shoulders all kinds of heavy baggage making things hundred times worse.

Old Way to Heal and Manifest:

Motivation Through Isolation

New Way:

Unite and Ignite

Separation From The Universe Creates Fear and Doubt.

  • State of fear and doubt created by isolation from Source.
  • World becomes foggy, complex maze that needs to be overcome.
  • Healing, thriving and manifesting become very difficult and tiring because you need to keep motivating yourself in order to overcome your negative self-talk caused by a fearful mind.

Reconciliation Ignites Your Happy Place Which Leads to:

  • Healing from painful memories and freedom from negative self-talk.
  • Overflow of joy, confidence, optimism.
  • Quick, effortless manifesting because it’s easy to visualize your dreams happening when you’re happy and confident. And easier to let go because you and the Universe have become One.

Hug Cards: Ignite and Manifest

Affirmations from all over the Universe

  • Who can stop you when you no longer fear life?
  • Abolish the inner tyranny of fear.
  • Heal from pain and agony.
  • Thrive and become the person you wish to become.
  • Manifest the dream life you deserve.

Emanate Positive Vibes 24/7 In Your Wallet

Each Hug Card is the size of a credit card. Pick what makes you feel joyful and confident, put it in your wallet and let it act as a compassionate cheerleader and friend.

  • Never feel stuck and lonely again.
  • Carry your best cheerleaders and supporters with you.
  • Always be happy, confident and optimistic regardless of the situation you’re in.

Heal The Pain and Welcome Great Days!

Meet The Healing Rain and The Friendly Clouds

Let the Healing Rain wash away your pain and transform you into the best version of yourself.

Stuck in a rut? The Friendly Clouds will remind you that your problems are temporary and help you manifest new sunny days.

What You Fear, The Universe Will Vanish it For You!

The Comforting Cliff and The Tender River

Worrying about tomorrow? The Comforting Cliff is daring you to do what fear is stopping you from doing; why? Because the Universe always has your back.

After you take the leap, you’ll find out there was no cliff, no fall, no clouds. You’ll be guided by the Tender River to reach your destination in the best way possible.

Let The World Hear You Roar!

The Intimidating Lion and the Confident Coneflower

Stare the unknown right in the eyes, and it will reveal itself to you. Manifesting your dream life requires unbreakable confidence, not shaky doubt.

And confidence doesn’t require perfection; it needs you to embrace your imperfections and differences. Look at the Confident Coneflower, it’s different than the other flowers, but that’s what makes it beautiful.

Infinite Smiles, Countless Laughs!

The Carefree Dog and the Clumsy Snail

Become a magnet for joy, happiness, bliss, and abundance. What else do you desire?

Manifest great friendships and experiences with people who will accept you as you are, with your flaws and your strengths.

You Are Worthy of Love!

The Beautiful Bowl and The Adorable Swan Couple

This bowl was broken at one time but got mended with gold. Did it stop being beautiful? No. But when someone recognized its worth, it got even more stunning.

Chasing a soulmate will not help you manifest one. It starts by recognizing your beauty, worth, and value. This will ignite your Happy Place and make you ready to experience what your heart desires.

The Path to Paradise Starts With Self-Acceptance!

The Honest Crossroad and The Discarded Flower

Every time you feel stuck, get a hug from the Honest Crossroad and remember that the answers are always within. Let go of limitations, and everything will be shown to you.

The Discarded Flower is a sad tale with a happy ending (you’ll know why later). It’s a beautiful lesson in self-acceptance. It got thrown away because it was no longer needed, but does that mean that it’s not valuable and worthy anymore because others decided so? OF COURSE NOT!

And There Are So Many More!

New Cathartic Way To Journal

Purge negativity and intensify positivity using these fun, proven-to-work exercises. Scratch n Replace and Scratch n Color, 2 cutting edge techniques to release all negative thoughts and emotions and amplify positive ones to fill your life with enthusiasm, joy, peace, and motivation to pursue your goals and achieve your dreams.

Scratch n Replace

8 Scratch n Replace papers with 8 stories that continue the journey of some Hug Cards. For example, The Confident Coneflower having embraced its uniqueness has now manifested a loving group around it. Therefore, the theme of the paper is embracing your uniqueness. 

1. Write down negative self-talk, pour them all out, then SCRATCH THEM. Destroy their power over you, turn down their voices, flatly reject them, and they will stop bothering you.

2. Write any positive thought that comes to your mind, embrace it, hug it, nurture it, and let it grow and thrive in your mind and life.


The (Un)Discarded Flower

Thanks to you the Discarded Flower now has a safe home where it’s loved and needed, but now it’s pleading to reciprocate that for yourself, but your home is in you. That’s your Happy Place.

Scratch n Color

Scratch the negative, turn down the volume of its voices, suck the life out of it. But breath life into positive thoughts by coloring them. It’s a wild and beautiful way to heal, grow, awaken, and manifest the life of your dreams. Your mind is like garden, you need to pull the weeds taking resources from the flowers in order for the garden to flourish. Negative thoughts pull you down and drain you. Remove them from your mind and let the beautiful thoughts thrive.

Destroy thoughts of fear, self-doubt, anxiousness, sadness, depression, pain, pessimism, confusion, and shame. And intensify thoughts of confidence, strength, self-love, abundance, fearlessness, and happiness.



Fear wrecks our joy and shatters our ambition. But what will stand in your way when you are afraid of nothing and made a friend of the Universe. Problems will vanish and paths will be laid for you.

More Magical Results

“I’m dancing, I’m jumping, thank you so much for this. The feeling you get when you feel worthy and able to accomplish your dreams is amazing. Thank you!”


Ellie M.


“I feel so motivated and so confident that my thoughts are becoming a reality in a matter of days. I have already landed the big job I always wanted!”


Antonio B.


“I’m a fitness instructor, and I’ve never been as focused, disciplined, and motivated. After going through a rough patch, I’m back now confident like a lion after a hunt.”


Helen B.


Control The Volume of Your Thoughts

Turn Down. Turn Up. Let Go.

The science to permanently keep your Happy Place ignited.

Turn Down

The past cannot influence the present and dictate your future anymore.

Stop painful memories and negative, depressive, draining self-talk from replaying in your mind. Turn their volume down and experience peace of mind.

Turn Up

Increase the volume of voices telling you that you're awesome, worth it, needed, and can accomplish anything.

It's like your favorite songs keep replaying in your mind.

Let Go

How your dreams will manifest is not your responsibility. Let go and let the Universe take care of it.

It knows the best route to get you there.

No More Negativity Chokes You

You are not your bad memories. Negative self-talk cannot define and influence you unless you permit it. There’s an easy to way to silence it, turn the volume of beautiful thoughts all the way up, and properly let go to let the Universe guide and protect you.

This 75-page eBook is a quick-to-read, easy-to-apply manual that covers everything from achieving peace of mind and happiness to building unbreakable confidence, manipulating luck, intensifying your intuition, manifesting lots of money and extraordinary relationships, etc. .. everything needed to live your dream life is covered. And every chapter has a unique affirmation that will help you reprogram your mind and manifest the life that you deserve.

Shatter The Blocks and Free Yourself From The Tyranny of Fear and Doubt

You Deserve a Life of Infinite Warmth, Joy
and Abundance

Cheat Codes For Healing and Manifesting

Revolutionary 3-step technique to turn down the volume of negative voices in your head, turn up positive ones, and let go and let the Universe take care of the rest. It is new, easy, fun, and works every time. 

No longer the pain of the past controls you. No longer you’re shackled by it. Free yourself from negativity, make positive thoughts your best friends, and life will always keep smiling at you.

TTL Journaling

Heal from the past. Control your present. Design your future.

369 TTL Method

Want manifesting cheat codes? Take things to crazier levels with this quick, fun journaling technique.

Download. Print. Be Transformed.

No need to wait days and sometimes weeks for your shipment to arrive. Everything can be downloaded with a click of a button.

All files are available in PDF file type and can easily downloaded and printed anywhere.


All Printing Instructions Are Given To You

You’ll be provided with a super easy printing manual on how to print everything at home or at a print shop. It’s a really easy, quick procedure that guarantees you a high quality product at an extremely low cost.

60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We described at the top of the page why this is different than everything you’ve ever seen before. Not only have we provided ample proof, but we’re prepared to go further.

We’re offering you 60 days to try our transformative system, and if it doesn’t match your expectations, you’ll be refunded immediately, no questions asked.

Even More Magical Results

“I wished to become a money magnet for a long time and now I am! I cannot believe it. Gracias”


Emilia M.


“Wonderful! I’m ecstatic, I feel like I’ve been reborn. I have been suffering from depression for a long time, but that was in the past. Now, a new chapter has started.”


Frank P.


“The happiness I’m feeling is out of this world. No more anxiety, no more sadness. Thank you so much!”


Valeria O.


That Was The Past.

Lost. Feeling like drowning. The constant fighting. The constant overthinking. The need for stability. The need for shields of peace and happiness.

This is The Present.

The world has embraced you and you have embraced yourself. A tree of love and compassion has grown within you, igniting your Happy Place and manifesting a world of joy, peace, pleasure, excitment.


Start a New Life and Never Look Back!



Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Straight away. As soon as you make the purchase, you’ll receive a link to download everything.

You will get a manual on how to print them at home or at a print shop. Everything is provided for you. It’s an extremely easy procedure.

Absolutely! If you follow the easy instructions in the manual, you’ll be extremely pleased with the results.


Not at all. Although self-help does offer lots of good advice, we’re not here to make money or provide temporary stimulation. It’s good to get motivated, but what do you do when it dissipates? That is why getting into alignment and igniting your Happy Place is so vital. It provides a permanent solution rather than a temporary relief.

If you wish to, you can. It won’t happen overnight. We’re not selling scams here. But you’ll feel the progress. Progress keeps you in a good mood and arouses lots of optimism for the future because you can feel the transformation happening.

You’ll be given all the tools that you need to turn your entire life around. If your intention is genuine, change is just around the corner.

You don’t need to, but you’ll experience its powers.