Hug Cards

Heartwarming Stories and Messages To Heal Your Pain, Remove Negative Self-Talk, and Fill You With Love, Confidence, and Peace.

"Fantastic! I no longer feel stuck and isolated. The messages are so sweet and validating, they instantly put me in a great mood."

40 Lovely Cards by 40 Sweet Friends

Nothing can hold you back when you’re understood, loved, and cared for.

Lift Your Inner Child and Heal From Pain and Negativity

Be proud of what they have sustained to get you to where you are right now. Heal them, and heal yourself.

Break Negative Patterns Like Mary Did and Attain Abundance

Environments that don’t make us feel loved. tend to deceive us into believing that we’re not worthy of love. 

But that’s so false! You are worthy of love and adoration.

Turn The Victim Mentality Into Self-Love and Gratitude

Don’t be ashamed of your uniqueness; accept it and experience peace and joy.

Unbreakable Confidence and Optimism Like Osahrees

Ignite that wild force that exists within you. The confidence to take on anything and overcome whatever comes your way.

You are Enough and Worthy of Love

You deserve to be loved and cared for. The more you repeat that, the more genuine love will enter your life.

Infinite Optimism Like Zoe The Blind Painter

No more people-pleasing! Do what makes you happy, and your dream life is yours.

Pippi Found Her Peace, Just Like You Will!

Pippi was abandoned by her pervious owner, but that never stopped her from valuing herself. You are valuable and needed.

The Love and Kindness Never End:

  • The Bouquet will make you love yourself.
  • The Sea will shatter your limited beliefs.
  • Aiden will vanish your fears.
  • Bella will ignite independence within you.
  • The Forest will calm your overthinking.
  • The Rain will wash away your pain.
  • Brielle will stop people-pleasing.
  • The Mirror will teach you about self-acceptance.
  • Hya will eliminate pain through forgiveness.
  • The Moon will bounce you back from down times.
  • The Lighthouse will vanish your anxiety.
  • Lily and Jane will help you manifest great friendships.
  • and many more sweet friends with warm stories and messages!

This is a digital product. Download. Print. Transform.

Gutwalking: The Philosophy of Hug Cards

If you believed that you were safe and loved by the world, can negative thoughts still hold you back? Liberated from fear and pain, manifesting your dreams become a fun and easy game.

Hug Cards Are Your Strong Support System

40 cards from 40 characters with warm validation, powerful affirmations, and efficient solutions. 

Always there for you whenever you need them.

With Inner Love and Peace, Your Dreams Instantly Manifest

Infinite moments of laughter and excitement await you when you feel loved and cherished.

"I'm dancing, I'm jumping, thank you so much for this. I feel understood and cared for. The inner child card was very emotional for me.
Thank you!"

Conversational Journaling: Joyful Catharsis

Purge negativity and intensify positivity using these fun, proven-to-work exercises.


The conversation continues with seven characters from Hug Cards. Through conversation, healing and growing become an easy, fun game. When you feel safe and understood, the transformation happens.

Talk To Your Inner Child

Close the wounds of the past by engaging with it in a loving manner. 

Vivify: Vent and Come Alive!

Scratch the negative and neutralize it. And breath life into positive thoughts by coloring them. 

Destroy thoughts of fear, self-doubt, anxiousness, sadness, depression, pain, pessimism, confusion, and shame. And intensify thoughts of confidence, strength, self-love, abundance, fearlessness, and happiness.



Fear wrecks our joy and shatters our ambition. But what will stand in your way when you’re afraid of nothing?

"Thank you so much for these. These cards a journey of healing and awakening. The stories and affirmations are soul-touching."

Download. Print. Be Transformed.

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60 Day Money-Back Guarantee

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We’re offering you 60 days to try our transformative system, and if it doesn’t match your expectations, you’ll be refunded immediately, no questions asked.

"I'm ecstatic, I feel like I've been reborn. I have been going through a rough patch lately, but these really lifted me up. I don't feel I'm alone anymore."

Start a New Life and Never Look Back!



This is a digital product. Download. Print. Transform.

Your Pain Is Felt and Understood

Love and validation are much more intense and transformative when they come from others. Be part of the most loving community of friends.

Inner Acceptance and Transformation With The Mirror and the Broken Piano

We are subjected to shocks by others that make us feel otherwise, but the truth is always shining: You are unique and beautiful just the way you are!

Letting Go and New Beginnings With Luna and Gibson, and Frank

Prioritize your peace and joy, and don’t be afraid of letting go of things that do not align with your goals.

Gratitude With Lily and Jane, and Mark The Homeless Person

Gratitude waters your soul and paves the way for blessings to come in. Foster gratitude, and happiness will never leave you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our fear of the unknown creates all kinds of internal fears and anxieties. Our fear of rejection, failure, and unexpected surprises always creates inner turmoil within us.

But when you’re embraced by the world. You change. Your vibration changes. Your perception changes. If you started seeing life as an abundant waterfall, would you still fear failure? Would you fear abandonment? Wouldn’t you take more chances? Wouldn’t risk start feeling less risky? : )

Yes! Straight away. As soon as you make the purchase, you’ll receive a link to download everything.

You will get a manual on how to print them at home or at a print shop. Everything is provided for you. It’s an extremely easy procedure.

Absolutely! If you follow the easy instructions in the manual, you’ll be extremely pleased with the results.


Not at all. Although self-help does offer lots of good advice, we’re not here to make money or provide temporary stimulation. It’s good to get motivated, but what do you do when it dissipates? That is why getting into alignment and igniting your Happy Place is so vital. It provides a permanent solution rather than a temporary relief.

If you wish to, you can. It won’t happen overnight. We’re not selling scams here. But you’ll feel the progress. Progress keeps you in a good mood and arouses lots of optimism for the future because you can feel the transformation happening.

You’ll be given all the tools that you need to turn your entire life around. If your intention is genuine, change is just around the corner.

You don’t need to, but you’ll experience its powers.

We are Gutwalkers, and we're on a mission to awaken humanity to its magnificent potential.