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Tired of Putting Lots of Effort Trying to Manifest?
New and Easy Manifestation System Will Make The Universe Your Own Personal Genie

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Are you trying to manifest a life of financial freedom?

Do you want to program your mind to lose weight and manifest your dream body?

Do you wish to manifest your dream partner?

Wouldn’t it be nice to get that dream house and vacation you’ve always wanted?

Not one thing from the above list will happen unless you do this one thing. One thing is stopping you from living your dream life. It’s stopping you as we speak. You get rid of this one thing, and whatever you desire, is yours.

The Reason Your Manifestations Are Not Happening Is Because Negativity Still Lives Inside of Your Mind

You need to get rid of negativity to make your manifestations occur at record-breaking speed. Negativity slows down your manifestations and most of the time 100% stops them.

You need an easy-to-use reliable system to completely eradicate negativity and elevate your vibration to totally align you with the Universe. 

Who can stop you then? 

A New Dawn Is Here
The Manifestation Revolution Has Started

Effortlessly Manifest “The Impossible”


Shield Yourself From The Frightening Scenario The World May Be Heading To

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I Was Suffocating and Lost ..

Hello, I am Nathan Harris. In late 2021, I was almost suicidal. 

But what I did not know then, is that the Universe had precious gifts lined up for me. 


All I had to do is persevere and make the most of the chances were to offer themselves to you. 


To be very honest with you, I had a turbulent childhood. And that affected my learning ability, shattered my confidence, and ruined any chance of happiness for me.

Until I Decided That Enough Was Enough!

If we repeat the same patterns, the same results will ensue. 


This is common sense. 


But it’s easier said than done.


All of us know that we need to change our minds to change our lives. 


But it is easier said than done. 


How to calm the aggressive bully inside our minds? 

Don't You Wanna Be Free of Pain? Then Free Your Mind and Manifest Your Dream Life

We first have to acknowledge that we’re ready to take the next step that will lead us to a life of paradise.


We cannot put sticks in the wheels of our car then complain why the car is running properly.


So let me ask you, are you really sure you want to live the life you always dreamt of. 


You 100% sure? No doubts. No maybes. Absolute certainty?


Great, the solution is so easy, it will astonish you.

Scientifically Proven: Neuroplasticity,
You Can Change Your Brain However You Want!

You have the power to rewire your brain for the better or for the worse. It’s your call.


We’re always programmed to blame everything and everyone else for our problems. But if you stop looking outward and start focusing inward, you’ll recognize the marvelous fact that your fate is in your hands.


You can mold it and change it however you want.


You want to never worry about money again? You can have that.


You want a new career? You can have that.


You want a soulmate? You can have that.


You can have whatever you desire, and you can also be deprived of whatever you desire. It is your decision and yours alone.

Eradication of Negativity

I was obsessed with trying to figure out a solution to not only increase positive beliefs and self-talk in my mind. But to also decrease and eventually vanish negative ones. 


There’s little benefit in instilling positive beliefs if the negative ones are still there. 


It is like installing 2 new wheels and keeping the 2 deflated others. It will not work. The car will not work properly. 


After months of brainstorming and failed experiments. I finally got it.


The breakthrough happened. I can still remember that moment when I tested my newest invention to see if it wield positive results. 


Surprisingly, it worked! Results were almost instantaneous. I started to feel better and beautiful coincidences started happening. 


Manifestations suddenly started happening quicker. 


So what is this solution?

The Missing Piece That Will Complete The Secret:

Affirmations 2.0 Part 1/2:
Folded Affirmations

Rewire ALL Negative Beliefs and Manifest a Life of Peace and Abundance in JUST 2 Simple Steps:

  1. Read the negative belief, recognize its presence, and deny its power over you.

2. Unfold the card, read the complete affirmation, and implant the image of the sunflower and the bee in your mind.

In other words, the Universe is always throwing opportunities your way. Just get in into the receptive mode.

That’s it! It is THAT easy!

Each card has its own story and serves 2 functions:

1. Eradicating Negative beliefs and Replacing them With Positive ones

2. Instilling Positive Imageries in the Mind

Positive beliefs will break the chokehold on your mind. And positive imageries will supercharge you with  confidence and motivation.

And the two of them will allow you to easily manifest a life of joy and abundance.

This Is Your Story: 10 Cards For a 10-Part Journey of Healing, Growing, and Awakening to Manifest Bliss

The Unfolding Process: Breaking The Ceiling of Negativity

Every time you unfold a card, you’re breaking the walls of oppression of a specific negative trait.


As you proceed from one card to another, you’re breaking the ceiling that stunts your growth. Therefore, you’re being freed from within. 


The more you unfold, the stronger, clear-headed, creative, happy, and optimistic you become. 


Reality within the brain HAS TO synchronize with the reality in the external world.

Necessary Requirement: Rewiring Negativity Leads To Super Fast Manifesting

This is the missing of the piece of The Secret puzzle.


This system will make your visualizations, your vision board, your prayers manifest as quickly as possible.


The absence of resistance will allow you to request something from the Universe and the Universe will answer it sometimes instantly!

It's Not Your Fault: We Live In An Ultra-Negative World

Negativity in your mind hinders you from manifesting whatever your desires swiftly and effortlessly.


It makes you doubt your desires.


It compels you to believe it is impossible to happen.


It persuades you that you do not deserve a better life.


You only need to remove negative beliefs from your mind and watch the miracles unfold.

Tomorrow Will Be Different, Are You Ready To Wake Up a New Person?

Problems do not get solved when we run away from them.

Break the ceiling imposed by negative, limiting beliefs by confronting self-talk head-on.

This is the power of Folded Affirmations. When you use them, you’re not only confronting your negative self-talk but rejecting its power over you.

Only when you reject your current reality can you change it.

Then you can replace negativity with positivity.

At that moment, whatever your heart desires, you can have.

You're Only 10 Cards Away From Reaching Effortless Manifestation

Just 10 Cards and You’re Free!

  • Free From Sadness
  • Free From Worry
  • Free From Instability
  • Free From Low Confidence
  • Free From Feeling Stuck
  • Free From Fear
  • Free From Pessimism
  • Free From Limiting Beliefs
  • On to Abundance
  • And Happiness
  • And Safety
  • And Pleasure
  • And Romance
  • And Inner Peace
  • And Beautiful Surprises
  • And Unbelievable Luck
  • And Thrilling Experiences
  • And Anything You Desire

Because You Deserve To Have It All!

Counter Culture: Changes Will Not Only Affect You But Inspire Those Around You

  • Self-Confidence

  • Boosted Creativity

  • Courage

  • Discipline

  • Positive Mentality

  • Countless Blessings

  • Career Opportunities

  • Exceptional Relationships

  • Financial Abundance

  • Life of Joy


  • No More Sadness

  • No More Disappointments

  • No More Worry

  • No More Anger

  • No More Anxiousness

The Final Piece of The Puzzle:
Affirmations 2.0 Part 2/2:

Reach Total Alignment With the Universe

  • Total of 13 Raising Affirmations spoken during the Unfolding Process to Cleanse the Mind, Skyrocket Your Vibration and Manifest Miracles In Ways Never Imagined.
  • Speak 2 Raising Affirmations before picking up the 10 Folded Affirmation cards. This 2 affirmations have healing powers so strong, you will feel the love of the Universe imbuing you.
  • 10 Raising Affirmations are spoken after the unfolding of each Folded Affirmation card.
  • The Last Raising Affirmation is spoken at the end to invite the Universe with all of its power to permeate our entire lives with blessings.
  • Every Raising Affirmation has the power to intensify your vibration and send it beaming all across the Universe. 
  • The words you will speak before, during and after the Unfolding Process of the 10 Folded Affirmation cards are life-transforming.
  • You will be put on a spiritual path of awakening.
  • If your intention is pure, few months from now, you will be in awe at the magnitude of individual transformation you’ve achieved.

I Am You. You Are Me. We Are The Universe.

When you’re in total synchronicity with the Universe, miracles happen all the time.

You’re not detached from Source anymore. You’ve merged with it. You’re part of it. 

At that state, there’s no worry. No sadness. No negativity. No feelings of powerlessness and guilt. 

You’re free, permanently.


Did shout it at the top of your lungs?

Be honest!

If you’re starting to believe that you deserve a better life, magnificent things will start to happen to you. 

I’m not asking you to firmly believe it, that’s the job of Affirmations 2.0. But just try to acknowledge it.


What is that you want?

Peace of mind and never having to worry about money ever again?

Vacationing at will? 

Having your ideal body?

Getting your ideal partner? 

Being surrounded the most loving people? 

You deserve all of that and more.


We are conditioned since early age to believe that negativity is the norm. Not getting the things that we desire is righteous. 

This is utterly destructive.

And we should strive to reverse all of this.

You Are Needed! We Can Beat Back The Grim Wave Sweeping Over The World

You now have exclusive access to not just a unique tool of liberation and awakening, but to the chance to join a burgeoning movement that will spread to every corner of the world.


Never in the history of self-help has a product this effective and this easy to use been available. 


You are one of the first people in the world to have the opportunity to use it, test it, and show the entire world its unique powers. 


But that’s not enough. We need dutiful radicals. We need you.

Reject The Status Quo and Join Us In Unfolding Joy All Over The World

Divisions everywhere. 


Instead of trying to find common ground between people, they’re encouraged to tear each other apart. 


Hate is replacing love as the norm.


World economies are crumbling.


The fabric of society is being torn apart.


We should not be indifferent bystanders; we should rather be rebels against this gloomy state of affairs, spreading love and positivity whenever we can. 

Let Us Be a Beacon of Light In a World Going Through a Dark Phase

When we eradicate negativity, we immediately ascend to your natural state, a state of effortless manifestation.

Life suddenly gets easier because our mind has been liberated and is working at maximum capacity. Nothing is holding us back anymore; we’ve ascended.

Then, when those around us notice the extraordinary changes in us, they will want to emulate us, and this is how we turn the tide.

Pain Can Be Our Biggest Teacher .. Release The Brakes and Stop Accepting a Life Not Full of Joy and Bliss

“Enough!” is the watershed moment in anyone’s life. When we hit rock bottom, we had to get out of our apathy and find a way out of our maze.


After a series of experiments and trial and error, we’ve found a way out of the strong grip of negativity.


We compiled all of our positive self-talk and positive imageries we’ve received through intuition and put them in 10 cards.


We then took the 10 cards, and with a bit of creative madness, we created Folded Affirmations.

The World Is On The Brink of a Global Depression .. But There's an Easy Way Out

When you take your power back, only you have influence over your life.


“People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don’t believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can’t find them, make them.” –George Bernard Shaw


Take the decision now to change your circumstances so that further down the line, you’ll look back on this day as the day you were reborn.


Get 10 printable Folded Affirmation cards and manifest a life of bliss and abundance.

Plus FREE 11-Page Guide:
Assisting You in The Unfolding Process by Explaining The Meaning of Every Card

Explanations For Your Journey

60 Days IronClad Money-Back Guarantee

I know for a fact that you’ll be blown away by what I am offering. What you’ll be getting is so unique and efficient, it will not only change your life but the lives of millions of other people as well.


But if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, I will refund your money 100% within 60 days of purchase. That’s how much I trust Affirmations 2.0 and its mystical and magical powers.


I have minimized your risk to ZERO.

Do You Really Want To Continue Being Deprived of Your Wishes and Dreams?

 You everything to gain and everything to lose. Which one will you choose?


If you pass this opportunity up, you will lose the chance to wake up every morning with a big smile on your face. Wake up full of gratitude, joy, and fulfillment. Wake up so excited about the next years, not just months, weeks or days because the Universe is showering you with blessings.


You have everything to gain because your dream life awaits you. Just like card #1, we think the Drowning Room is closed but we’re wrong. There’s a way out. A way out to total freedom and peace. 


Stop wasting thousands of dollars on books, courses, seminars, and gurus. What you seek is here.

Get it now before it becomes unavailable.

A global movement will be starting soon. Be part of it now.

The World Is On a Downward Spiral
Your Life Shouldn't Be As Well

Just few simple steps lie between you and your dream life. Do not get burdened with doubt.

This is your opportunity to turn your entire life around. I have taken all the bumps and odds to ease your journey as much as possible.

You Have Everything To Lose And Everything To Gain

You have a very easy decision to make at this very moment. Do you want to waste this opportunity or will you seize it and make the best of it?



You have 60 days to try the product, if you’re not entirely satisfied, you’ll get your money back NO QUESTIONS ASKED.



Take this opportunity, change your life and look back at this moment as a watershed moment in your life.



I have made a special offer for a limited amount of time, so I can make it easier for everyone for everyone to transform their lives.


Make the leap and start living a life of harmony and limitless joy.


Because what is the main purpose of our lives? To unfold joy wherever we are.


$77 Now For a Limited Time Only!

This is NOT a Physical Product. You Will Receive the Cards as PDF Files.

Download | Print | Rewire | Unfold Joy

— Take a Brief Look at Your Journey —


You should be fully in control of your own mind instead of the other way around. The latter creates hell for you on earth. It’s untenable to live like this.

We’re sure you know this feeling very well. When your life is so chaotic, it’s suffocating. When you lose control and have no idea how to stabilize your life and where to start, it’s beyond tormenting and arduous.

This is the Drowning Room.

Do you really want to continue living like this? Then reject your reality and intend to change.

Unfold card #1, quit that room, and never look back.

You Deserve Everything Amazing
Because You Are Worth It!

Self-marginalization will stop. Inner torment will stop. You are more than enough.

You are capable of achieving whatever you set your sights on.

You are Infinite Consciousness having a physical experience. How can Infinite Consciousness not be able to overcome all odds and achieve any objective it sets for itself?

Rewiring will silence that negative voice inside your head. It will stop your mind from agonizing you.

Acknowledge the limitless potential of your abilities and charge forward for a magnificent future.

This is the task of card #2 Self-Worth (Melting Candle of Safety).

Daring To Imagine a Life of Peace
and Joy Unhindered By Negativity!

Positive change is happening, but it’s just the beginning.

You’re grateful for what you have in the present.

And you’re starting to dare to be bold! Dare to dream big, even if you do not know how your dream will manifest!

Dare the notion of predetermined fate. Dare that the Universe shuffle everything in your favor.

You know that just because cannot see it, doesn’t mean it’s not there waiting to manifest at the right time.

You’re thankful for the present but tremendously optimistic about the future.

You’ve just finished cards #3, #4, and #5.

The Vanishing of Fear

Fear cripples you.

It is like having cement blocks attached to your body.

You want to do something, but your mind is pushing you in the opposite direction as hard as it can. 

Sometimes you know with complete certainty that this is the right course of action, but your mind is yelling at you, “NO!”, forcing you to back away.

But fear, like other negative emotions, can be defeated. 

As you reject being beholden to it. As you do not acquiesce to it. You start overcoming it.

Rewiring will decrease the influence of negative emotions over you. And as negativity decreases in the mind, positivity automatically increases. 

You’re being freed, you just finished card #6, but the journey is not over.

Emotional Mastery: Crushing Negativity and Livinging an Abundant Life of Peace

You’re Laying siege to all negative thoughts with the power of the spoken word and the visual imageries. 

You’re decreasing their power and they’re starting to vanish.

What can stop you when you free yourself from negativity? How easy can manifesting become when you do not doubt anymore? 

You’re become unstoppable. 

Nothing is be beyond your reach.

You’re starting to be fully in control of your own mind instead of the other way around.

Abundance is all around you, can you ask for a better life?

And the journey is not over.

Life Mastery: Manifest Effortlessly Without Forcing Yourself to be Positive

Trying to be positive and keeping your vibration at a high level is probably the hardest thing about practicing the Law of Attraction. How can you keep a positive attitude when the entire world is filled with negativity?

You turn on the TV, there’s negativity. You go online, plenty of it. In the workforce, possibly as well.

It’s really hard for the majority of people.

But not for you, not anymore.

A negativity-free mind is completely independent of what’s going on in the external world.

No one can put the brakes on your life if there are no brakes anymore.

No one can pull you down and keep you slammed to the ground if you’re no longer chained.

You’re Shattering the tentacles of negativity. Your mind roaming free in the Universe.

You’re becoming the person you are meant to be. A happy, successful, fulfilled human being. 

You’re just finished card #7, Abundance.

Inner Strength

Unfortunate events will happen at some point. For example, we may lose a friend, a relative, or a parent.

But that’s not the main problem, the problem is your reaction to the problem. Will it destroy you or will you grieve and bounce back quickly?

The latter because you’re building your inner strength. You are training your mind to endure with great fortitude

Resilience. What a great trait to have!

You are in control of your own thoughts and destiny. 

A strong, robust, unshakable character will always lead you back to happiness. 

That’s card #8.

Imagine Waking Up Every Morning and Feeling Grateful For Manifesting
Your Dream Life

Freed from negativity, your mind is healed and can now easily manifest whatever you desire.

Resistance has vanished; there’s no longer a force pushing back against what you want to attract. 

You got into receptive mode. You’re aligned with the Universe.

Life is easier. More enjoyable. More peaceful. 

Your trust in yourself has vastly increased. Your trust in the Universe as well. 

You’re loving yourself more and more. You’re attracting amazing people to you. Amazing opportunities.

And it doesn’t stop here; it’s getting better and better.

You Are The Author Of Your
Own Life Story

You have let go.

Let go of fear. Let go of Limiting beliefs.

Let go everything negative.

Your life is entirely in your and in the Universe’s hands.

You feel safe. Happy. Joyful. Excited. Confident. Creative. Optimistic.

You have completed the last 2 cards of your journey.

$77 Are Peanuts Compared To What
is Waiting For You

What can you buy with $77? Two dinners for two? Two or three new shirts? A new jacket? A ticket to see your favorite artist?

These are great purchases, but they will only give you temporary happiness that will fade away after a short while.

The fatal flaw in the pursuit of happiness is that it is fleeting. It is temporary. You feel elated, but then you feel deflated because you’ve had your highs and you’re back to the boring normal.

You do not pursue happiness, you plant the seeds of it!

Seeds that will totally transform your life and imbue it with happiness, joy, and bliss.

Because total transformation is permanent. Enduring. Infinite. Will never leave you. 

That’s how you manifest a life of happiness.

Was Yesterday The Last Day of Your Previous Life?

If that is the case, then do not delay.

Take the decision that yesterday will be very different than today. Because today is not a normal new day.

It’s a new day that will lead to a completely new life. The dream life that you deserve!

Today begins a new era, and tomorrow you will wake up a different person, trodding a different path, heading towards a life of peace, joy, and abundance.

Folded Affirmations will not be available for a long time. Take the decision now so you do not live a life of regrets.

Get 10 printable Folded Affirmations cards now. No need to wait for shipping, instantly download, print and start rewiring and manifesting.


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Moreover, Explanations For Your Journey, a 11-page eBook to guide you along and explain each card to you.

Stop wasting thousands of dollars on books, courses, seminars, and gurus. What you seek is here.

Get it now before it becomes unavailable.


A global movement will be starting soon. Be part of it now.


$77 Now For a Limited Time Only!

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