Let's Disrupt The Entire
Self-Help Industry!

Self-Help Products Are All The Same, Just Different in Name.
Zig When Others Zag, and Promote The Most Unique, Innovative, High-Converting Products.

What Makes Affirmations 2.0 a Watershed Moment
in The History of Self-Help?

Totally Unique

They're new types of disruptive, highly efficient, easy to use affirmations.


New method for rewiring all negative traits and activating our powerful 10 Inner Magnets. Without this step, manifesting is very difficult.


Unconventional use of storytelling to give the user a unique Hero's Journey while reprograming his mind to remove negativity and manifest on auto-pilot.

Manifesting Methods

New, Faster, and more potent than any methods taught in the past.

U.M.L. System

(Unfold. Manifest. Let Go.)
The only time in history, the users will be working under a structured system to manifest.

The Key to Complete The Secret

Everyone has watched The Secret but most people have not been successful manifesting.
U.M.L. bridges that gap.

Well-Crafted Sales Letters

We hired a top-gun copywriter to write the most compelling sales letters ever written.

They're Digital

Why wait for shipping to arrive? Purchase. Download. Print. Manifest.
Printing manual is included to simply and clarify everything.

Niches Overlap

Spirituality, self-improvement are obvious ones. Weight Loss is another one because the affirmations under U.M.L. remove negative traits in the mind and instill positivity and discipline.

Main Product: Affirmations 2.0

Price: $57
Commission: 70%

  • New, upgraded forms of affirmations.
  • New manifestation techniques.
  • New manifestation system.
  • Rewires negative beliefs and shatter negative blocks in a totally new way.
  • Put the user in a Hero’s Journey experience.
  • Unique and valuable bonuses.

Upsell #1:
Affirmations 2.0: Supercharged

Price: $44
Commission: 70%

  • Upsell was created to be combined with the main product, making it highly attractive.
  • Continues Hero’s Journey of the main product with a similar storyline.
  • Introduces new forms of affirmations.
  • Has more unique and valuable bonuses.

Upsell #2:
Affirmations 2.0: Magnetism

Price: $37
Commission: 65%

  • Killer product with specific focus on abundance, personal development and relationships.
  • Also introduces new forms of unique affirmations.
  • Product can also be combined with the two previous products.
  • Also includes new and highly valuable bonuses to make the offer, like the previous ones, too good to reject!

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