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  • Offer something completely new (Novelty effect)
  • Highly valuable and be able to create change in people’s lives
  • Goes against the status-quo
  • Has a great, cohesive funnel
  • Able to build a tribe centered around shared values

Main Product: Space Blooming

Turn Any Home into a Healing, Manifesting, Happiness Paradise

Price: $34
Commission: 60%

Wall art is in high demand. We strived to create unique and meaningful art that will inspire anyone and raise the vibrations of any home that hosts them.

Upsell: Hug Cards

A New System of Healing, Growing, and Manifesting

Price: $24
Commission: 55%

44 Hug Cards: Align With The Universe

44 interesting characters from all around world with compelling stories and heartwarming affirmations. 

Along with a small book of instructions on how to make miracles happen quickly and easily.

All products are printable.


The Embracing Universe and The Immutable Moon

The Embracing Universe wants us to stop discarding our greatness and makes a prophecy that comes true in the last Hug Card, fields of blessings will bloom for us.


The Intimidating Lion and The Confident Snake's Head Flower

Confidence and self-acceptance unleashed. The confident flower looks different than other flowers, but does that mean that she’s not beautiful and unique and deserves to be loved? 

And Free Bonus:

7 Aura Cards: Manifestation cheat code through gratitude. Thank the Universe for manifesting your dreams and watch them happen in real life.

TTL: Our negative/positive self-talk has a volume knob. We can now control it with new, efficient, proven-to-work methods. Includes new techniques of visualization and manifestation.

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