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What makes our products highly profitable?

One important but very simple thing: The happiness it brings to people. The love it ignites in them.

That was our intention when creating our products. That is our mission to spread them worldwide.

Main Product: Space Blooming

Turn Any Home into a Healing, Manifesting, Happiness Paradise Using Art and New Wellness Techniques

Price: $27
Commission: 60%

Example: The Palm Trees (Hope)

1. Artwork Brightens Every Room and Contains Positive Messages

A beautiful vista that fills you with hope and optimism.

2. The Palm Trees Blooming Card

Every artwork has a motivational message and transformative exercises.

3. Hope Journaling Chapter

Easy, inquisitive, but super efficient questions that stir the mind and spark an inner transformation.

Art Showcase

Unique, uplifting artworks that make any room brim with positivity and hope.

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Upsell: Hug Cards

A New System of Healing, Growing, and Manifesting​

Price: $17
Commission: 60%

Hug Cards: You'll Never Feel Down or Alone Anymore

44 interesting characters from all around world with compelling stories and heartwarming affirmations.

All products are printable.

Example 1:

The Universe and The Bear

The Universe wants us to stop discarding our greatness.

The Bear is imploring us to detach from our painful past to blossom into the person we wish to become.

Example 1:

The Bunny and The Swan Couple

No more people-pleasing. It’s time to put ourselves first. Self-acceptance leads to having and maintaining a healthy, romantic relationship.

Plus Free Bonus

TTL: Our negative/positive self-talk has a volume knob. We can now control it with new, efficient, proven-to-work methods.

Also includes new visualization, manifestation, and journaling techniques.

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