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What makes our products highly profitable?

One important but very simple thing: The happiness it brings to people. The love it ignites in them.

That was our intention when creating our products. That is our mission to spread them worldwide.

Hug Cards

40 Cards from 40 characters with touching stories, messages, and affirmations.

Price: $17
Commission: 60%

40 Cards From 40 Friends

Beautiful stories and messages of self-acceptance, confidence, healing, letting go, love, and many others.

Example 1: Your Inner Child

Most people struggle with childhood problems, and the only way to deal with them is a loving conversation with their inner child.

Example 2: Mary

Mary struggled with negative patterns that were imposed on her throughout her life. But self-love is the breaker of all chains, and her advice will free anyone struggling with negative thoughts.

Example 3: Jake and Ivy

“You are enough and worthy of love.” A beautiful line that can change entire lives if repeated on a consistent basis.

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Upsell: Space Blooming

Turns Any Home into a Healing, Manifesting, Happiness Paradise Using Art and New Wellness Techniques

Price: $27
Commission: 60%

Example: The Beach (Peace)

1. Artwork Brightens Every Room and Contains Positive Messages

The beach, a symbol of peace and tranquility.

2. Peace Blooming Card

Every artwork has a motivational message and transformative exercises.

3. Peace Journaling Chapter

Easy, inquisitive, but super efficient questions that stir the mind and spark an inner transformation.

Art Showcase

Unique, uplifting artworks to make any room brim with positivity and hope.

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