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Aura Cards

Price: $17
Commission: 65%

Normal affirmations have been tried and they’re not that efficient.

People want vibrant, fun, exhilirating products.

Cards are divided into 10 inner cards.

10 outer cards.

10 Love cards.

Unique Features

Aura cards are not normal affirmations.

We do not believe in normal at Joy Unfold. Normal is boring and disturbing.

Numerous Unique Sales Hooks

Special Hooks Capture The Attention and Massively Increase Sales

1. Jim Carrey: Aura Cards are based on the Jim Carrey manifestation technique. He put a $10m check in his wallet and 5 years later he manifested it. Aura Cards are credit-card sized cards that are meant to be put in your bag or wallet.

2. Manifest a Lover: 8 cards are focus on LNH traits: Loving. Naughty. Hilarious.

3. Inner Healing: 10 inner cards focus on healing from past memories, peace of mind, inner strength, and confidence.

4. Financial Abundance and Success: 10 Outer cards focus on prosperity, creativity, and success.

5. Storytelling: We all like a good story. But we would love one if it was about us. 

6. Law of Attraction Hack: What is the key to manifesting? Act as if your desires already happened. That’s what “Thank you Universe” does. You’re thanking the Universe for already manifesting your desires!

Upsell 1:

Price: $27
Commission: 65%

Combining empathy and music to create the best user healing experience the self-help has ever seen!

10 unique affirmation cards that combine the journey given to the user in the free offer to be paired with 10 soothing musical tracks.

Plus 6 cards with 6 music tracks as bonus.

Upsell 2:
Cute Motivational Wall Art

Price: $37
Commission: 65%

Same theme that the user has been acquainted with since the free offer. 

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