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More Than a Funnel. It's an Awe-Inspiring Journey of Liberation.

Cute Motivational Wall Art

Price: $37
Commission: 70%

Poetic affirmation created in a cute inspirational artwork.

Affirmation starts on the left artwork and finishes on the right. 1 story in 2 frames.

It’s one interconnected story of liberation and awakening.

Upsell 1:

Price: $27
Commission: 70%

Combining empathy and music to create the best user healing experience the self-help has ever seen!

10 unique affirmation cards that combine the journey given to the user in the free offer to be paired with 10 soothing musical tracks.

Plus 6 cards with 6 music tracks as bonus.

Upsell 2:
Aura Cards

Price: $17
Commission: 70%

Super unique product. 30 special printable affirmation cards that you can carry with wherever you go.

10 Inner cards, for inner transformation.

10 Outer cards, for outer transformation.

10 Love cards, for a mind-blowing loving relationship and tight-knit friendships.

Bonus includes a new, unique Manifestation Check, a Love Note, Vacation Manifesting, and so much more!

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