We are Gutwalkers

We Are Lovers of Freedom

We believe that freedom comes before happiness. Otherwise, everything becomes temporary and meaningless.

But true freedom is not a feeling that fades away. Rather, it is a state of being that becomes a part of your being, a definition of your life.

We Flipped The Entire Script

Everyone wants to encourage you to motivate yourself to conquer the world. Take bites of happiness from the Universe and you’ll be happy. No. There’s no need to take anything. No need to conquer. There are no battles to be fought. No wars to be won. 

Universal Embrace is The Answer

Instead of gearing up to tackle the world and grab a piece of happiness from it. Why not befriend it? What will you fear then?

If the world is no longer an unknown maze but a beautiful sunny day at the beach, will you still fear failure?

Will you still fear rejection if the entire world has embraced you? Will you still suffer from limited beliefs if the entire Universe is at your disposal?

How easy and effortless manifestation becomes? Very.

Let's Spread Joy All Over The Globe

We’re constantly bombarded by negative news 24/7. How can our brains function properly under such mental siege? We are striving to reverse that. We want positive events. We want to impact people’s lives. Touch their souls. Warm their hearts. And let joy unfold in their lives.

Global Revolution is Our Aim

The world needs healing. We all do. Through healing, awakening, and growing, we become better versions of ourselves and help create kinder, more prosperous, and more egalitarian societies.

When we heal from painful memories and negative self-talk, we’re released from all the ropes that keep us fearful and in survival mode. Then we can build happy and loving communities. 

When abundance surrounds your life, happiness becomes normalized. How beautiful the world will be if people no longer were forced to obsess about earning a paycheck but instead live a life of peace, joy, abundance, and leisure?