2-Step Affirmations


Add One Simple Question to Your Affirmation and Watch Your Dreams Manifest Quicker Than Ever!

Answering the question with “Absolutely” and then reciting the affirmation will rewire your mind to start manifesting blessings on autopilot

10 printable cards for a 10-part story to reach effortless creation.

  • Heal your mind by completely removing negativity from your mind
  • Develop unshakable positive beliefs
  • Remove resistance and doubt from your desires
  • Attract your wishes very quickly to you
  • Live a life of bliss, free of worry and full of joy
  • Program your mind to manifest abundance
  • Experience the cathartic release of negativity
  • Experience the magic that life has to offer
  • Escape feeling stuck and in a rut
  • Experience the beautiful feeling of having limitless options
  • and so much more!

A global movement will be starting soon, be part of it now.

Stop wasting thousands of dollars on books, courses, seminars and gurus, what you seek is here.

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Benefits of

2-Step Affirmations

When we eradicate negativity we immediately ascend to our natural state, a state of effortless creation.

Life suddenly gets easier because the heavy weight has been lifted off our shoulders. There's nothing hold us back anymore.

Positive Mentality
Career Opportunities
Mindful Relationships
Financial Abundance
Life of Joy
No More Sadness
No More Disappointments
No More Worry
No More Anger
No More Anxiousness

2 Simple Steps to Unleash the Power of Positive Thinking

Ask the Question

This directly targets the negative beliefs always making you doubt your potential for greatness.

Answer the Question

The Answer always starts with “Absolutely!” and is then followed by a positive affirmation.


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