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10 Inner Gifts For a 10-Part Journey of Liberation To Attain Autopilot Manifestation

Inner Magnet #1: Intent (Drowning)

Negative self-talk is more than harmful, it’s destructive. 

And should be answered firmly, with complete confidence and conviction.

The more you do that, the more you adapt the brain to a new set of beliefs that will help free you from the yoke of negativity.

2-Step Affirmations follow the same journey as Folded Affirmations to intensify your efforts and focus them on one main experience.

Inner Magnet #2: Self-Worth (The Candle of Safety)

Inner Magnet #3: Gratitude (Faith)

Inner Magnet #4: Optimism (The Answer)

Inner Magnet #5: Patience (Payoff)

Inner Magnet #6: Courage (The Big Leap)

Inner Magnet #7: Abundance (The Stars)

Inner Magnet #8: Resilience (The Storm)

Inner Magnet #9: Compassion (The Barren Land)

Inner Magnet #10: Letting Go (The Flower Field)

The final stage of liberation, Letting Go.

This precious gift is present in us to connect with Source.

How blissful and peaceful it is to reach this stage of growth! 

Plus! 6 Free Bonus 2-Step Affirmation Cards

Love Card 1/2

Who doesn’t want to love and be loved? Love that redefines the meaning of love. Love that redefines the meaning of a perfect relationship.

Love that heals. Love that soothes the wounds. Love that embraces one’s soul and cherishes it forever. 

Love that’s always there for you, no matter how physically far away you are. 

Everyone deserves to go to bed and wake up the following morning being swept away by a love so compassionate like this.

Life Card 1/2

Get back to your natural state as quickly as possible. 

Abundance is more than having too much money to buy whatever you want. It’s being free from worrying about it.

It’s the independence and detachment of the state of world affairs. It’s the freedom to do whatever you want, and no one and nothing can deny your wishes.

Mind Card 1/2

Solutions have to be permanent and sustainable. We’ve had enough of temporary feel good bs!

Liberation yourself from negativity and make sure it never strikes back. 

Don’t cut the snake’s tail, cut off its head and never worry about it ever again!

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