Healing with
Music and Empathy

10-part journey to unfold your supernatural self by talking directly to your mind while listening to unique music tracks.

Are you struggling with negative self-talk?

It’s okay .You’re not alone.

  Your feelings are valid. Don’t blame yourself for them.

It's agonizing when your mind is creating monsters to torment you

.. that’s okay.

It's tiring when it feels like it's raining all the time

.. and that’s okay too.

Don't blame yourself for these symptoms

These are negative residue of bad memories accumulated throughout the years.

This unhealed pain has damaged your inner self, distorted its definitions of “normal” and “healthy”, and made it frightened of getting inflicted with more emotional scars. 

Your mind is bullying you, your mind is afraid .. of change.

And that’s okay.

But it's NOT okay to NOT seek a solution!

Because you deserve to love and be loved. You deserve joy, peace, safety and abundance. You deserve what negative self-talk sometimes tells you don’t.

Why deprive yourself from feelings of self-love and inner peace?

Inner transformation easily and quickly creates outer change. Inner peace creates outer peace.

Being loved and embraced has to be preceded by self-love. Else, it becomes reliance. 

Why deprive yourself from confidence and determination?

Healing and strengthening elevate you to higher planes of existence making your inner self comfortable and at peace with the external world. 

Two of the most powerful forces on the planet combined in a 10-part journey

Music and empathy can heal the world. They can totally transform us. 

They can mend wounds. Heal emotional scars. Sooth our bad memories. Improve relationships. Create stronger bonds between people.

Joywaves: Healing your inner self
with 2 simple steps

Each card is 6.5″ x 4.5″ or 16.5 cm x 11.4 cm. 

Can be part of your morning routine or be read at any time. This will revolutionize the way we heal and grow.

Listen to beautiful music while feeling negativity washing away

We have merged a rain tracks with musical songs to maximize the healing and reinvigorating experience.

Tracks’ genres vary according to the specific part of your journey. 

This is the first track. It’s chaotic at first because you’re getting out of the Drowning Cell but all goes well at the end.

10 tracks for your 10-part journey

Each card has a track and each track is approximately 60 seconds. As you’re listening to the music, you keep repeating the affirmation of that specific part of the journey.

You have 10 inner gifts that if unlocked
will unfold a life many would call a "fairy tale"

Stop looking outside for answers. The true solution lies within you.

You are infinite consciousness having a physical experience. Why wouldn’t you have innate gifts that will enable you to live a life of peace, joy, and safety?

Inner Gift #1: Intent (The Drowning Cell)

You do not belong in the Drowning Cell. You deserve everything great and beautiful in this world.

Inner Gift #2: Self-Worth (The Candle of False Safety)

You deserve happiness. You deserve wealth. You deserve great friendships. You deserve to be loved and cherished. You deserve compassion.

You are worthy and valuable. Never forget that. That’s the self-love you will experience.

Inner Gift #3: Gratitude (Faith)

The road to happiness has to be rooted in gratitude. 

When you appreciate the present, life will reward you with bigger things.

But if you’re always grumpy and anticipating great news, you’ll always be a state of anticipation.

Inner Gift #4: Optimism (The Answer)

You’re improving. You’re growing. You’re getting more and more optimistic because you’re seeing results materialize right in front of you. 

And you’re just getting started.

Inner Gift #5: Patience (Payoff)

Timing is key to everything in life. Sometimes beautiful rewards aren’t yet ready to materialize, and sometimes you’re not.

When you develop patience, you start mastering life itself.

Inner Gift #6: Courage (The Big Leap)

You’re mastering fear. Fear of loss, fear of death, fear of poverty, fear of aging, fear of criticism, fear of failure, etc. 

No longer will fear paralyze you. Regardless of the circumstances around you.

Inner Gift #7: Abundance (The Stars)

Abundance is your right. But abundance is more than not having money worries anymore.

 It is experiencing the euphoria of having the freedom to do whatever you want. The amazing feeling of living a life without limitations.

Inner Gift #8: Resilience (The Storm)

 Storms do not last forever, and the sun will certainly shine again. Every single time.

A new you means a new self-image with new character traits. Your optimism-filled mind will, sooner rather than later, synchronize the outer world with it.

Inner Gift #9: Compassion (The Barren Land)

No more “What’s in it for me?” limited thinking after you experience true abundance.

 If you’re swimming in the ocean, you wouldn’t worry about others taking water away from you, would you?

Inner Gift #10: Letting Go (The Happy Place)

The final stage of liberation, Letting Go.

Liberated from negativity, you’re completely aligned with the Universe. Whatever you ask gets answered. 

The sun is always shining above you.

How blissful and peaceful it is to reach this stage of growth! 

Plus 6 free bonus cards with 6 bonus music tracks

There are inner, outer, and love cards. 

2 Inner cards

Make your mind your friend and the entire cosmos will be your ally.

2 Outer cards

For a life full of smiles, laughs, and sleep (we all love to sleep, a lot).

2 Love cards (1 for a partner, 1 for relationships)

Who doesn’t want to love and be loved? Love that redefines the meaning of love. Love that redefines the meaning of a perfect relationship.

And being loved by your friends and family is an essential part of a healthy life. Having that strong support system around you is indispensable. 

60 day money-back guarantee

Of course, like all of our products, we give you the freedom to try them for 2 whole months. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll refund you no questions asked.

Experience true bliss and joy

Love, compassion and healing. We all need them. We can’t be deprived of them.

Merged together into one cutting-edge technology will change the way we heal, grow, awaken, and manifest forever. 

Stop wasting thousands of dollars on “gurus” and “experts”.

Empathy and music is all you need.

Discount and free bonuses for a limited time!



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