Space Blooming

Turn your house into a healing, manifesting, happiness paradise by combining art with new wellness methods

Fill your home with the energy of love, self-acceptance, confidence,
healing, abundance, and peace

Transformative artwork with compelling stories.

All files are currently digital and NOT physical. Therefore, you can get all 26 of them and The Calls and My Journal for the price of only one.

5 sizes available: 2:3 ratio (24×36 and below). 3:4 ratio (18×24 and below). 4:5 ratio (16×20 and below). 5×7 and 11×14.

Multiply the energy love, self-acceptance,
confidence, healing, abundance and peace

The Calls: Affirmations on Steroids!

Affirmations keep you isolated, but Calls invite the entire power of the Universe to fill your life with blessings.

13 Calls to fill your house with positive, warm, peaceful vibes

Each art set has a specific theme: Peace, confidence, healing, self-acceptance , happiness, abundance, etc. Each call picks a theme and calls on the universe to multiply it in your life.

My Journal: An Intimate Time With Myself

Journaling isn’t just writing your thoughts on paper. It’s about extracting all those lurking, painful, draining thoughts. And igniting all the beautiful, awesome ideas present in your mind. This creates an inner transformation.

Leverage the energy

Use the vibes of self-acceptance, peace of mind, happiness, optimism, and healing and put them in writing.

Reframe your negative thoughts, empower your positive ones, and you shall become the person you dream of becoming.

Happy Space Bloomers

I’m in love with these. And they’re high quality too! They really set a calming tone for the house. the “All is energy” one is my favorite.


Angelina B.

It’s way easier to be ambitious and manifest your dreams when surrounded by inspirational art. Thank you!


Kelly S.

I love having these in my apartment. They make so happy and put me in an amazing mood especially the untamed one.


Savannah L.


Art has to be meaningful in order to change lives


Only love can heal wounds. Embrace yourself; if you don’t, no one else can. Without healing, inner peace cannot be experienced. Fill any space with calmness and warmth using this art piece.


Abundance of money, love, luck, and opportunities all depend on what you plant inside your head. Plant positivity, and you will have it. Let this art piece fill your home with an abundance of hope, positivity, excitement, and joy.

The Jolly Flowers

Accept all aspects of yourself. Never trade authenticity for approval. The message of the second frame is also clear: self-love. Self-love is warm and safe. That flower in the second frame is a coneflower. Not exactly the most popular flower in the world. Not the flower that will most likely stand out in the crowd, but does that make it any less beautiful, worthy, valuable, and needed? ABSOLUTELY NOT! It’s still very beautiful and valuable, and it’s dancing with joy! Let these frames emanate a warm, embracing feeling throughout your home.

The flow of the Universe

Welcome the flow of the Universe into your own home. The first frame represents the flow of peace. The second represents abundance and prosperity. The third one represents love. Let peace, abundance, and love create the life of your dreams and help you become the person you wish to be.


Don’t search for happiness without if you haven’t bloomed it within. Everything will be transient and quickly fade if you do not experience inner happiness. Plant those beautiful flowers of self-acceptance, confidence, positivity, and abundance, and you will experience life in a new and thrilling way. This frame will broadcast positivity, optimism, self-reliance, and elation.


We’re so preoccupied with setting up dates, vacations, buying fancy clothes, what to watch, and what to eat that we forget the most interesting thing about everything: intimacy. Intimacy is what links people together. It is the strongest bond between a couple. This frame will create a layer of warmth and understanding in your home.

Blessed and carefree

Isn’t that the ultimate dream? Create a restful feel wherever you put these two peaceful cuties.


Everything is energy. Literally. Every thought. Every intent. Every word. Every action. Be careful who you let into your life and who you give your focus to. What you give your attention to might end up devouring you and ruining you. Growth and liberation is knowing when to saying yes and when to boldly say no.


Your peace of mind is priceless. Reject any environment that will not elevate you and appreciate your worth. It’s truly better to harness your strength, confidence, and talent alone than in a toxic zone that will pull you down to the depths of Hades. 


Peace is so soothing and transformative that every single human being on this planet deserves to live in peace. Create an inviting atmosphere of full tranquility and calmness for you and for everyone who enters your home with this beautiful art.


If you read the second frame from looking down (from top to bottom), you’ll have one perspective. But if you keep your head up and read the two frames horizontally, then everything changes. Keep your head up, because your vision of yourself will affect your vision of your future and ultimately affect your future itself. And always remember: you are worthy, valued, and deserve respect.


This is raw, unfiltered, unabashed, uncontrolled, unapologetic confidence. Having this inside your home will certainly fill everyone who steps foot in it with power, strength, and optimism.

The Universe

Once you realize your true nature and its power, thoughts of insecurity and doubt can never influence you anymore. The world within is a reflection of the world within. You and the Universe are one. One mind. One energy. One essence. Reclaim your power.

The past has healed. The present is happy. The future is bright.

How beautiful and relaxing are these words? When you keep seeing them and repeating them, eventually they become facts in your mind. The past, with all of its difficulties, agonies, and pain, has healed and is far away. The future is bright. And the present is happy. The present is all that exists. It’s right here in front of you. Everything else exists in your mind. That is why the first and third frames are identical, because the past and the present are all the same, creations of our minds. Only the present is here. Focus on the present. Be happy in the present.

Limited-Time Offer

You’re getting 26 art pieces, 13 Calls and My Journal for the price of 1 physical art piece because we are offering everything as a printable digital download. Hurry up before the offer ends.


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